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Allows you to take a single picture with your webcam and to share with your friends

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PhotoCam provides you with a fun and easy-to-use gadget for the Google Desktop application. Although this particular program has been discontinued by Google, it still works and can be downloaded from our website. The reason of its fate is the evolution of modern operating systems and the transition from local to cloud-based computing.

Upon deployment, PhotoCam resides in the Sidebar of Google Desktop between the pre-installed gadgets such as Email, Scratch Pad, Photos, New, Weather or Web Clips. In order to fully benefit from its features, you must connect a webcam to your computer. The aim of this piece of software is to help you quickly and easily share images captured with your webcam.

Instead of the plain classic capture-save-send method, PhotoCam takes a picture and then stores it in the cloud for you to rapidly share its link. Considered an advantage or not, the application automatically overwrites that image stored in the cloud every time you take a new one, thus the link remains the same.

Another disputable fact is the quality of the grabbed pictures. The standard and only available resolution is 320 x 240. Right after the capturing process, you can choose to upload it or discard it in the eventuality of an unpleasant outcome. One more thing to consider is that the upload is not instant, so you have to give it a bit of your time.

PhotoCam does not bring many features to the table and its simplicity may, sometimes, be very annoying. If using it from time to time provides the best results into a slow Internet connection environment, then a daily usage over a broadband connection almost gets on your nerves due to poor quality, no upload notifications and automatic overwriting of grabbed pictures.

The bottomline is that PhotoCam comes as a love-it-or-hate-it program. It does not pack top of the line features and that can be really a drawback. However, if you feel like the application is just not providing, then your expectations are higher than basic and necessary and that’s what PhotoCam is about. Take a low-quality photo and share it in just a few seconds.

PhotoCam was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on March 27th, 2013
PhotoCam - PhotoCam will help you quickly and easily take a single picture with your webcam and to share with your friendsPhotoCam - Once you have grabbed a frame from your webcam, the application will provide you with two options: Upload and DiscardPhotoCam - The captured image will be uploaded to the developers website and every time you take a nice picture, the hosted image will be overwritten

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