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This Google gadget displays a currency converter from and into all the major currencies around the world including USD, EUR and GPB

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Currency Converter Gadget is a small desktop widget that runs on the Google Desktop platform, aiming to deliver a convenient way to convert between major currencies.

The scenarios that require such a tool are numerous; for instance, travelling abroad or simply monitoring the evolution of a certain currency are just a couple of examples that mark the importance of the programs belonging to this software category.

There’s no lack of such utilities in today’s software market, which makes the palette of choices extremely rich. The criteria you should trust when deciding which one to choose is usually based on the software’s simplicity, but also on the number of supported currencies.

Currency Converter Gadget manages to accomplish the first part, at least. For the second purpose, it suffices to say that the array of currencies could have been much more generous.

This tools runs on top of Google Desktop; this is the only requirement you need to fulfill in order to install and run it properly. Getting acquainted with the gadget’s interface is easy, because it’s simple in appearance, as well as in functionality.

Currency Converter Gadget provides support for popular currencies such as USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, AUD and CAD, but also for the less known, namely ARS (Argentina), BGN (Bulgaria), BRL (Brazil) and CHF (Switzerland).

In order to convert an amount, simply enter it in one of the currency fields and watch the other ones being automatically filled in as you write. By default, the gadget is set to approximate the amounts by two decimals, but you can tweak it to be more precise.

On an ending note, this is a very basic currency converter. The downside is that it features support for very few currencies, as opposed to most of its competitors.

Currency Converter Gadget was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on July 5th, 2013
Currency Converter Gadget - After adding this gadget to your Google desktop you will be able to access the currency converter provided by Currency System, Inc.

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