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A straightforward gadget for your operating system which you can use to monitor the value increase and decrease for precious metals

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Kitco Mobile is a Windows widget that allows you to keep track of currency for valuable metals such as gold, silver and platinum. It’s a lightweight tool that can also help you with viewing evolution charts for the aforementioned metals and more.

Easy to install and use

Kitco Mobile, like all widgets is easy to install as it simply needs to be copied to the operating system and run. After that it will be available in the ‘Gadgets’ section and can be opened anytime you need it.

Looking at it from a GUI point of view, Kitco Mobile doesn’t stray much from other gadgets. It consists of a simple window which can be enlarged to view the information in a better, clearer way and can be placed anywhere you need it on your screen.

View up to date bids for gold and silver

Kitco Mobile displays bids and asking prices for gold, silver, platinum and others allowing you to keep constant track of their evolution. Scrolling down to the bottom of the main window, you get quick access buttons that guide you to charts which present the price fluctuation for a product across a month, half a year and even up to ten years.

For the latter to be possible though, you need to have a web browser installed because clicking the buttons opens up the information in it. The charts are fairly detailed as they show the current bid, asking price, change value, as well as the lowest and highest recorded prices.

A handy tool for buyers

All-in-all, Kitco Mobile is a practical gadget to have on your computer if you need to check up on prices for the some metals. You should be aware that the app isn’t customizable and since gadgets have been discontinued, it’s very likely that it will receive any considerable improvements.

Kitco Mobile was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on June 9th, 2014
Kitco Mobile - Kitco Mobile enables users to view the currency evolution, the lease rates and analyze the gold chartsKitco Mobile - From the right click menu of the main gadget's interface you able to configue its size and opacity

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