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This Yahoo widget is a simple day planner that also features a calendar

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Developed for the Yahoo! Widget Engine, Day Planner - Calendar is a lightweight widget that you can use to schedule tasks and events. It can be seamlessly handled, even by first-time users.

The interface of the tool is clean and intuitive. So, you can add a new task or event by specifying its name, due date, recurrence mode, details, category, priority and reminder.

It is possible to create as many tasks and events as you want. In addition, you can view a calendar and add or edit events by double-clicking a particular day.

From the 'Tools' menu, you can import and export data, synchronize information with Google Calendar, edit event categories, manage calendars and change the calendar category.

In addition, you can clear completed tasks or events which are older than a month, as well as sort items, according to the the priority level, summary, due date or category.

By bringing up the 'Widget Preferences' screen, you can change the interface language and numeric date format, reset the window position, switch to a different time zone and to the 12-hour time format. Customization options for the calendar may be configured when it comes to the highlighted day, first day of the week, number of visible months, calendar size, month width and event box style (e.g. square box).

Moreover, you can make the app show completed tasks, adjust the number of visible days, set up your Google account information to use the Google Calendar synchronization feature, and enable logging. Thanks to some default features provided by the Yahoo! Widget Engine, you can make the tool stay on top or below all other windows, to ignore mouse events and to prevent dragging, as well as adjust the frame's opacity level between 20% and 100%.

The simple-to-use app does not affect the computer's resources, since it uses a low amount of CPU and system memory. We have not encountered any issues during our tests. Thanks to its intuitive layout and overall simplicity, Day Planner - Calendar's options can be figured out with ease by inexperienced users.

Day Planner - Calendar was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on January 22nd, 2013
Day Planner - Calendar - After adding this widget to your Yahoo Widget Engine you will be able to add tasks or event to a calendar and be notified on your desktop.Day Planner - Calendar - From the Day Planner - Calendar Preferences menu, General window you will be able to choose the language and the date format.Day Planner - Calendar - From the Day Planner - Calendar Preferences menu, Calendar window you will be able to configure the Calendar related settings.

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