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This Vista Gadget will let you use the google search directly from your desktop or Vista Sidebar.

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Google Sidebar is a Windows gadget that allows you to search the Internet from the sidebar. You can use this tool to quickly access the Google search engine without opening the Internet browser and loading the search page.

When you are using the computer in your daily activity there are many occasions when you need to search the Internet for a certain term, image or news article. If you do not want to open the browser by yourself, this gadget can provide you with quick access to the Google search engine.

You just need to type the text in the gadget and click one button in order to automatically open the default Internet browser with the results page. The Options window allows you to search the Internet by using your local Google page.

The buttons from the top side of the interface enable you to specify the item that you are looking for. Thus, you can use other Google services such as Maps, Images, News or Groups.

You can also use the gadget to search for prices, special offers and bargains by using the Shopping search page. Unfortunately, the list of specialized searched does not include the YouTube website and the option to search for video clips.

Just like any other gadget, you can place the Google Sidebar everywhere on your desktop and use the opacity settings in order to blend it with the other desktop items.

Overall, Google Sidebar is useful when you need to quickly search for a certain item by using the Google search engines. If you have enough space on the Windows Sidebar and find it easier to start a search from the desktop, this app can prove to be a practical addition to your desktop.

Google Sidebar was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on November 21st, 2012
Google Sidebar - After adding this gadget to your Vista Sidebar you will be able to make searches on Google from your desktop.Google Sidebar - From the Google Sidebar Settings menu you will be able to choose the desired Google website by making the neccessary modification.

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