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A useful ticket status checker for Indian Railways





PNR Status provides an easy way to track the status of Indian Railways ticket using PNR Number. You can add upto 40 PNRs to the gadget.

All PNRs will automatically be refreshed once in 6 hours. "RefreshAll" button is provided to refresh all PNRs manually. "RefreshAll" Button will be disabled once it is clicked and automatically enabled after 30 mins.

A PNR Can not be refreshed again in the following cases,
1. If Chart is Prepared for the train.
2. If the ticket is cancelled.

In the Gadget view, First column shows PNR Number, Second column shows the status of the ticket and the third column shows about how old is the information.

If more than one person is booked under a single ticket then the status of the ticket is the status of first person's ticket appended with "...". To see details of all passengers click on the PNR which shows all details.

Get PNR Status and test it to see what it can actually do for you!
Last updated on October 29th, 2008
PNR Status - This is the main window of PNR Status where you can easily input the PNR number and verify the ticket status.

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