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You can use this simple and attractive utility to decorate your computer desktop, but also use it as a shortcut to your favorite program

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Steampunk Rotating Earth Widget is a fun and easy to use piece of software that serves a decorative purpose, but can also be set to perform certain functions, like launch programs.

The utility requires that you have Yahoo! Widget Engine installed on your computer, in order to be able to function. Once installed, it displays a rotating globe featuring a so-called 'Steampunk' interface, being able to spin at 'Fast' or 'Slow' speed on your desktop.

Aside from the 'Rotation' speed, Steampunk Rotating Earth Widget can be customized in terms of 'Transparency', 'Sound Control' and 'Size'. Moreover, you can set the preferred 'Opacity' level by moving the slider.

Additionally, the tool enables you to 'Prevent Dragging' meaning that it will keep its current position and you will not be able to place it somewhere else on the desktop unless you deactivate this feature. Similarly, you can opt to 'Ignore Mouse', so no clicks or other similar actions will affect Steampunk Rotating Earth Widget.

An interesting and important feature of this small tool is the fact that you can set it to perform an action when double-clicking on the globe. This way, you can launch a program or open your web browser, through this simple widget. In case you forget what application will run if you double-click on its interface, you can enter a word or phrase which will be displayed as a tooltip.

To conclude, Steampunk Rotating Earth Widget is an interesting utility that can decorate your desktop as well as function as a shortcut to your favorite program or website, allowing your screen to always seem active thanks to the constantly rotating globe.

Steampunk Rotating Earth Widget was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on January 9th, 2014
Steampunk Rotating Earth Widget - Steampunk Rotating Earth Widget is a simple tool that features a constantly rotating globe on your desktopSteampunk Rotating Earth Widget - Users can assign the globe a command which can be executed when double-clicking on itSteampunk Rotating Earth Widget - The Earth tab enables users to choose the preferred rotation speed, widget size and disable soundsSteampunk Rotating Earth Widget - screenshot #4

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