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YUV, also known as Y'UV, is a file extension especially created to store color information with enhanced accuracy compared to the default RGB (Red Green Blue) representation.

Usable for images and videos, this format splits the color across three components, so that the Y value represents the luminance, while the U and V values stand for the actual color called the chrominance.

When users want to access YUV files, they will need to find specialized software solutions.

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XnView 2.22

With support for multiple tabs, this straightforward application let...
 April 7th, 08:22 GMT
Graphic Viewers
8,006 downloads5.94 MB

YUVTools 3.0.892

Play, convert and analyze YUV or RGB video data in their raw formats
 December 14th, 13:03 GMT
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YUV Analyzer
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YUV Analyzer 2.8

Analyze YUV files with this tool.
 April 19th, 15:22 GMT
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Elecard YUV Viewer
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Elecard YUV Viewer 3.0.35524 Build 120815

Designed to view YUV data sequence in YUV video files, compare files...
 September 1st, 03:57 GMT
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Portable XnView
45,158 downloads6.81 MB

Portable XnView 2.22

An efficient multimedia viewer, browser and converter
 April 7th, 13:04 GMT