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Short for Short Message Service, SMS messages are a common method of communicating by sending written texts using one's mobile phone.

SMS senders are specialized applications that will offer users the possibility to type their messages and send them to a mobile phone number.

Even though sending some of these messages will be free of charge, users will need to check the application's settings before sending their SMS.

One also needs to keep in mind that they will be restricted to using a certain number of characters for each SMS.

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Bigfoot SMS Manager 3.0

Instantly send SMS text messages from a PC to mobile worldwide

June 22nd, 18:40 GMT
Windows All

SMS-it 3.9.0

Enables you to send SMSs, pictures and ringtones from your computer, through an attached modem, mo...

January 11th, 07:40 GMT
Windows All

Remote SMS 4.47

Lightweight program which enables you to send SMSs to multiple people, view the weather forecast, ...

June 9th, 08:21 GMT
Windows All

SMS Sender 1.12

Enables you to easily write and send text messages from your computer through your modem or ISDN l...

October 30th, 13:41 GMT
Windows All

SMS Free Sender

Send SMS messages from your PC with free nice interface everywhere you want

July 7th, 06:14 GMT
Windows All

Text message 1.0.2

Send free SMS messages from your desktop

May 13th, 12:03 GMT
Windows Vista / Windows 7

nSMS 1.0

This is a small software application that enables any type of user to easily send text messages th...

November 19th, 10:47 GMT
Windows All

SMS Vista 2.1.1

This Vista Gadget allows you to send an SMS text message to any phone number

February 8th, 11:54 GMT
Windows Vista

Textatize 1.0.0

This application will enable you to send SMS messages to your clients within seconds.

May 17th, 12:02 GMT
Windows 2K / Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 2003

FreeSMS 1.01

With support for saving input data, this clean program enables you to send text messages to your f...

March 31st, 09:37 GMT
Windows All

Excel SMS

A handy client that will help you send SMS messages from MS Excel.

August 21st, 00:21 GMT
Windows All

smsler 1.0

Java Desktop Application for sending SMS using web service of mobile providers

October 11th, 10:43 GMT
Windows All

SMS to Everyone 0.1

Send text messages with this tool.

January 7th, 11:03 GMT
Windows All