DVB Dream Changelog

New in version 2.7.3

August 31st, 2015
  • Many ATSC related fixes
  • ATSC channel names are correctly detected now
  • Korean translation added
  • LAN Streaming buffer size now can be defined in bytes instead of kilobytes
  • Waiting for ATSC tests from United States, Canada, Mexico, Korea, El Salvador, Honduras
  • ATSC frequencies in DVB Dream are center frequencies and converted to video carrier frequencies before sending to driver
  • If your hardware doesnt work with ATSC, please try "Use center frequencies instead of video carrier" option under main menu->options->device options)
  • All ATSC frequencies are defined inside terrestrial.ini (under United States, Canada, Mexico, Korea, El Salvador, Honduras titles)

New in version 2.7.2 (July 30th, 2015)

  • ATSC support was not working very well, fixed, now tested with TBS devices, seems to work fine.
  • Duplicate packets issue on TS recording fixed
  • Duplicate packets issue on streaming with PAT Override fixed
  • EPG Plus was not displaying radio channels, fixed
  • Problem with multiple stream (MIS) entries of frequency list INI files fixed. Check Hotbird ini file for example.
  • Added support for TBS 6704 ATSC card

New in version 2.7.1 (June 13th, 2015)

  • FIXED: Lost channels were not getting displayed after scan
  • FIXED: DVB-T support was broken by ATSC changes
  • CA System (crypto type) filter option for channel list (CTRL + L)
  • When you need to find the channels which you can decrypt by using your subscription card/plugins etc, you might simply open up channel list options (CTRL + L) and select the CA System your system/plugins can decode. For example, pick "All" (All satellites) on the top of channel list, then pick "PowerVU" from the CA list combobox to find / list all PowerVU channels on your scanned satellites

New in version 2.7 (June 8th, 2015)

  • Added ATSC support for BDA devices (experimental, please report on forum if you still cannot get DD to work with ATSC)
  • Added support for TBS 6205 DVB-T/T2 DVB-C, TBS 6001 DVB-S/S2, TBS 6905
  • New feature: Codec Downloader
  • Some fixes for AAC (LATM/LOAS & ADTS streams are handled differently now, and HE-AAC should work well)
  • Resolution, chroma and Progressive/Interlaced/MBAFF type info is now displayed for all MPEG2, H264(AVC), H265(HEVC) channels
  • Video bitrate is now calculated on the fly (displayed on status bar)
  • Some TS record related problems have been fixed
  • Fixed some LAN streaming deadlock problems
  • Fixed aspect ratio problems with MadVR (please make sure you install the latest version of MadVR)
  • New theme: Win10 by Bader
  • You can use Microsoft codecs or LAV filters for AAC audio
  • Please contact us about problems on forum, we are ready to help & work together to fix things.
  • This version might change your codec configuration after installing, please re-configure afterwards as you wish. Depending on the codecs you use, you might need to disable/enable "Reset DS after ch-change" option in video options to make channel changes problem-free/fast. If you are a Windows 7 user, please use we recommend Microsoft codecs instead of LAV codecs.

New in version 2.6a (September 24th, 2014)

  • Max. Symbol Rate limit is now higher
  • Now DD doesnt cache EPG while recording, to prevent record problems & some crashes
  • Bug fixes

New in version 2.6 (June 1st, 2014)

  • Ultra HD (UHD) / 4K / HEVC / H265 channels are supported now
  • Several bug fixes
  • Added support for new TBS cards 6221 dvbc, 6285 dvbc, 5810 isdb-t, 5820 isdb-t, 6983 dvb-s2
  • Added UHD/4K channel list filter option (to easily find/see UHD channels after a scan. Just press CTRL+L keys for filter options)
  • Most of HEVC/H.265 codecs are not mature enough, since this is a new format. LAV & Cyberlink codecs seem to work fine on DVB Dream if you have a robust CPU/GPU power. (Try to enable LAV filter hardware acceleration)

New in version 2.5a (March 15th, 2014)

  • PLS codes and sub stream IDs can be stored in INI files now, please check readme.txt in transponders folder (added known 13e , 5w and 45e values)
  • TS Record can now record NIT, SDT/BAT, RST, TDT/TOT (need to enable in record options)
  • Added "Arrange in mosaic" feature in PIP menu (click on the PIP button at the bottom of DVB Dream window, then "click on Open All", then "click on Arrange in mosaic -> Small" in the PIP button's menu)
  • Fixed bug with TBS cards which cause crash while closing app.

New in version 2.5 (December 28th, 2013)

  • Some channel scan bugs fixed
  • Fixed the problem with DVB-S2 channels not tuning on TBS cards
  • Fixed a freezing problem with deleting channels (affected Windows 8 users mostly)
  • Fixed EPGParser bug which causes freezings time to time(i.e. on Eutelsat 9A, 12034 V)
  • TBS remote control fix
  • Bug fixes for several TBS DVB-S2 models
  • Supports new TBS cards
  • Estonian language have been added
  • New theme: Yusuke Kamiyamane & Redeemer
  • If you use Windows 8 or if you have no video or video problems on Windows 7/XP, then please make sure you install codecs since Windows 8 doesn't include required codecs. You can find most of codecs by a simple google sarch, search and download "dvbdream codecs" on google or just click here. After installing new codecs, you should restart DVB Dream and select them (Main Menu->Options->Video or simply press CTRL+G). Some of the codecs will work better than others, depending on your system configuration

New in version 2.4b (July 1st, 2013)

  • Fix for a minor streaming bug
  • MIS substreams are listed automatically in manual scan dialog (tested on TBS 6925)
  • To test MIS in Europe, 13E Hotbird 11432 V 27500 is recommended, transponder seems to have PLS root code 8 with sub stream IDs 1 and 2

New in version 2.4a (June 20th, 2013)

  • Fixed DVB-T/C problem
  • Fix for eurekalog problem
  • Added option to "Disable/Ignore des.dll error" , in preferences, general tab

New in version 2.4 (June 17th, 2013)

  • Support for new modulation technologies, MIS with VCM/ACM , PLP and PLS (works only on TBS devices for now)
  • E-AC3 support (This fixes no audio problem for some channels, tested with DVB-T France streams)
  • An important HD record problem fixed
  • New preferences option "Prevent Monitor Power Off (Override Windows power options)"
  • Added experimental support for MadVR (a 3rd party video renderer claiming higher video quality) (MadVR info/download)
  • Now possible to stream all channels / whole TS of a tranponder onto local network
  • Streaming was not working on some channels (when PCR is different than Video) fixed!
  • One-channel streaming provides all audio pids now
  • Attempting to run the DD again now brings it to front instead of displaying a warning
  • Option to collect EPG for other satellites too. (in Options->Preferences->EPG (TV Guide) Only recommended for North American users
  • Fixed the problem with EPG Cache optimization setting "Within X hours", now default EPG filter option will cache/display EPG events that are "within 5 hours", You can change this behaviour in Options->Preferences->EPG (TV Guide).
  • Option to start VLC from current record in renderless (in Tools menu, waits for 15 secs to have enough data. This option is meant to be used an alternative to timeshift, make sure you increased max file size in record options)
  • Channel list file format changed. DD takes a backup of old CHL and upgrades it to new format itself. New format won't be backward compatible
  • E-AC3 has been tested using LAV and MPC audio decoder. (MPC Standalone Filters, LAV Filters)
  • You can stream all channels from the same frequency. Just set UDP TS Client IP address to the client PC's address, then check "Active" and "Send all channels". DD might need a restart after this. Now you can start VLC on client PC and VLC's Main menu->Media->Open Network Stream, type this as URL "udp://@:1234", click on "Play". You can switch between channels using Main Menu->Playback->Program. DD will stream channels as decoded as a whole TS. Make sure you disable streaming when you don't use, otherwise it can cause problems while watching TV.
  • SIMOSD module has been removed, since it directly accesses to channel list file, it needs update from its author.
  • Use EPG cache optimization if you have video problems because of EPG cache / high EPG data rate (especially in North America)

New in version 2.2b (October 11th, 2012)

  • EPG Plus improvements (Tv window, channel logos, right click translate / search in IMDB/Google menu options, remote control support and possible to move between events by keyboard arrow keys.).
  • Timeshift should work a lot better now
  • New EPGNumbers module (by X05) will automatically assign channel numbers in the same order as provider's STB / EPG, for most of the European providers. You just need to select which provider you use in module options.
  • Audio Left/Right channel selection (panning) on channel properties now works (to be used when audio channels have different languages or comments/narrative)
  • New option "Display only selected satellite in remote tab" in prefences/ch.list
  • "Assign SIDs to ChNo" Tools menu and scan dialog option. (Useful for North American users, you could just use the remote tab in STB order)
  • New record file naming options. ($5=ChNo $6=SID $7=SatPos) Possible to include channel numbers in recordings now (It is so as default, if you assign channel numbers in remote tab)
  • DVB Dream will scan faster when network search is NOT enabled.
  • Bug fixes:
  • EPGPlus is now default and EPG cache is enabled by default. So you can disable if you don't use EPG at all. Legacy EPG can be found in Tools/Misc menu as well.
  • TBSCI module is now disabled by default, you need to enable it if you use CAM on TBS devices
  • You can get a free DVB Dream licence !, if you can help us preparing a package of logo files for EPGPlus module (complete logo files for a satellite), check the related post in DD forum for details.
  • You can also get a free DD licence if you can add device support for the (yet) unsupported cards (We will provide sample source code if you can write a simple BDA extension to support diseqc & remote control etc on BDA drivers)
  • You can download EPG+ Channel logos for United Kingdom here:
  • 28.2 East and DVB-T UK (Extract files to dvbdream\modules folder)

New in version 2.2a (September 26th, 2012)

  • New grid based EPG module "EPGPlus", with coloring based on content type. (Try it and share your ideas/suggestions please. Main menu->Modules->epgplus. You need to activate EPG cache under settings / performance. Content coloring is ependent on your provider, not all providers send content info in EPG correctly)
  • EPG should display characters correctly now (tested on 42e, 28e, 19e, 13e, 7w and DVB-T UK)
  • Option to remember last selected quick favorites
  • Bug fixes
  • If EPG still doesn't display characters correctly, please report on the forum by specifying region/satellite , frequency. We'll fix it.
  • LibertyReserve and Moneybookers payment options have been added.

New in version 2.2 (September 21st, 2012)

  • Registration problem fixed, caused problem for some registered users !
  • DVB Dream now handles system wake up from sleep or hibernation.
  • Windows 8 EVR crash fixed , which used to happen when switched back from the full screen mode
  • Log files are now all in one place (\Logs)
  • "Reset Device" menu option fixed, it was not working when more than one device of the same brand are installed
  • EPG is now cached (disabled by default, grid-based epgplus module will use this feature, soon to be released)
  • Now "Direct Connection" is enabled by default, in video options. Please remove the checkmark if you get any graph errors.
  • On terrestrial and cable devices, LCN (logical channel numbers) & Network Scan is enabled by default

New in version 2.1a (August 28th, 2012)

  • Hauppauge Nova HD s2 problem on 8psk channels fixed
  • settings.cfg is automatically restored from backup if gets corrupted
  • Some scan bug fixed (which caused nameless channels especially on 13e)
  • TT-connect S2-4600, TeVii S660, S630 should work better now
  • Now you can tell DD how long it should wait until signal lock (Preferences->Performance->Tuner Timeout), this can speed up channel scan by removing unnecessary delay on no-signal transponders.

New in version 2.1 (August 20th, 2012)

  • New versions of TSWriter2, CHLTools, RecentRecordings, AutoCHLBackup modules
  • Tool tips, possible to turn off ("Disable tool tips" in Preferences/General)
  • Bug fixes

New in version 2.0 (August 7th, 2012)

  • DVBS-2 and Diseqc should work better on most of DVB cards/boxes now
  • Now vendor specific functions are supported in separate BDA extension files under devices\bda_extensions folder, it is possible to force extensions by editing conf.ini
  • DVB-C and DVB-T/ISDB-T improvements (different bandwidth and different QAM frequency lists are now possible)
  • All terrestrial/cable frequencies are now grouped in country/city sets
  • Now Pilot & Roll Off values can be specified on scan interfaces
  • SkyStar HD2 should be able to lock on DVB-S2 transponders now
  • DD automatically recognizes the codecs installed on your system and updates codecs.ini during setup, and there is also a new button "Add installed codecs" on video options dialog, to add newly installed codecs into codecs.ini with just one click
  • Some network search and LCN related bugs fixed
  • Diseqc repeats are now handled by device interfaces
  • Positioner as defalt doesn't try to retune because of the crashes on some card drivers

New in version 1.7a (January 13th, 2012)

  • Critical bug fix which causes registered users to see "cracked version" message
  • Some bug fixes

New in version 1.7 (January 13th, 2012)

  • Unicable support added (works only on TBS cards for now)
  • CI/CAM support for AverMedia (not tested, please confirm)
  • Support for NetUP devices (Diseqc & CI, not tested)
  • BDA device error code:14 bug fixed which happens on some devices
  • Initial installation dialog supports more languages now (Turkish,Greek,Chinese,Arabic,Ukranian,Farsi...)
  • A few bugs in scheduler fixed
  • Arabic epg bug fix
  • Snapshot crash bug fixed
  • LNB Power Off/On support added (in File menu, works only on TBS and Compro devices for now)
  • EPG support option added for Israel cable provider HOT.
  • If you encounter any problem with EPG text charset, you should pick the correct EPG code page instead of "auto"
  • BDA Device options now provides different methods for diseqc (Main Menu->Options->Device Options)
  • For unicable, you should select the LNB type as unicable while adding satellites in diseqc dialog
  • Unicable and LNB Power Off/On is not supported on all devices. It should work fine on TBS cards with new drivers (these new drivers should be released by TBS in next few days)
  • If you are still having problem with diseqc on AverMedia devices, please report. You just need to download latest aver media drivers.
  • Kaspersky Antivirus is not recommended since it could be the culprit responsible for des.dll errors due to some false virus alarms / heuristic scan.

New in version 1.6 (January 13th, 2012)

  • Fixed many bugs
  • Better support for Japanese EPG and channel names
  • Now scheduler is able to suspend or hibernate the PC after the record
  • Diseqc on AverMedia cards now should work
  • Geniatech cards should work better
  • Fixed a crash bug which happens after scan
  • Cracked versions will not work stable! We recommend you buying it while the price is still the same and cheap. There will be a price change soon.
  • Please report on the DVB Dream forum if you run into any problem with Geniatech or Avermedia, we can probably fix that. We just need testers.
  • If DVB Dream doesn't display the codecs installed on your system, please manually add them into codecs.ini, you can also let us know on DD forum, so that we will add them into next setup files.
  • AVer3D Satellite TV, AVerTV Satellite PCI, AVerTV Galaxy should work well now on DD
  • For better performance on HD, make sure you use "Enhanced Video Renderer" in Video Options (Only if your graphic card has the necessary hardware acceleration) For SD channels, WMR9 is still recommended.
  • SECOSD won't work on DD now, it needs an update from its author
  • If DD interface is not completely in your own language or partially in English, you can translate the non-translated parts of the language INI files (in DD \languages) folder and post on DD forum for us to include in next versions.

New in version 1.5g (October 5th, 2011)

  • Now DD allows to save unlimited number of channels
  • Device dialog now lists the devices of the same interface
  • des.dll error fixed
  • Some critical crash/bug fixes
  • New channel list filter options "Found/Updated Recently"
  • Japanese EPG is supported now
  • Japanese language added
  • Now possible to change dvbdream taskbar icon to identify different DD installations on taskbar. (Settings->Preferences->Other->Application Taskbar Icon)
  • Now possible to use/share transponder INI file folders of other apps or DD installations (Settings->Preferences->PATHS)
  • new modules by X05: TSWriter2, RecentRecordings, RendererSwap
  • CHLTools module has been updated
  • New DD Module API Functions added, check the latest header files for more information.
  • New TBS devices are supported
  • StreamRecorder module is now replaced by TSWriter2
  • For UK Freeview HD, Japanese pay TV and some other AAC channels you will need to install a compatible AAC codec and set it up in DVB Dream video configuration. MainConcept and DivX AAC codecs seem to work nice.

New in version 1.5f (May 30th, 2011)

  • Problems with des.dll crash fixed
  • EVR 16/9 - 4/3 flickering problem fixed
  • Some character set problems fixed
  • Some fixes in FreeSat EPG
  • Module API DDMODAPI_DVB_COMMAND function fixed
  • Many critical bug fixes

New in version 1.5e (September 6th, 2010)

  • Skystar HD2 diseqc fix
  • USALS fixed (you can enable it in positioner options)
  • Bug fixes

New in version 1.5d (August 6th, 2010)

  • TechnoTrend CI & Diseqc and remote control works without problem (tested with TT3200)
  • CI with FireDTV devices works better now
  • CAM Menu/MMI functions work fine on DD now with FireDTV and TechnoTrend (Main menu -> Tools -> CI/CAM console)
  • Omicom DVB-S2 support added (Raw Diseqc support)
  • NA channel scan problem fixed (nameless channels)
  • Support for latest TBS devices added
  • W7 theme added

New in version 1.5c (May 16th, 2010)

  • TechnoTrend-3200 / Skystar HD diseqc fix
  • Skystar HD2 diseqc fix (needs tests)
  • CI support added for Technotrend cards (experimental)
  • Non-exclusive record (You can open and watch the file while still recording!)
  • Layout main menu/context menu options and keyboard shorcut (press "L")
  • SimOSD record bug fixed (you need to enable SimOSD using "modules menu"->"module list")
  • * need testers for TechnoTrend CI/CAM functionality, please let us know if you can test.

New in version 1.5b (May 12th, 2010)

  • Bug fixes

New in version 1.5a (May 3rd, 2010)

  • Bug fixes
  • SkyStar 2 and SkyStar USB raw diseqc/motor support on B2C2 SDK interface (needs tests)
  • EVR fullscreen switch bug fixed
  • Some scheduler bugs fixed
  • Freesat EPG parser is enabled automatically for UK/Ireland
  • This version will set VMR7 as default, You might need to revert to your original choice, if you upgrade on previous versions.

New in version 1.5 (April 27th, 2010)

  • Better W7 support
  • EVR support added
  • Better AC3 support
  • AAC support has been added
  • ISDB Support added (tested with streams from Brazil)
  • Added new codec definitions (codecs.ini)
  • Fixed the problem with AC3Filter
  • TeVii S630 & S660 support added
  • DVBWorld DVB-S2 bug fixed
  • DVBWorld remote controls are now supported
  • PIP bug fixed
  • MDAPI plugin packet size is adjustable now
  • New DirectShow routines (as a DLL now, ds_mng.dll)
  • AC3 codec can be selected separately
  • Albanian language added
  • Chinese-Traditional language added
  • Tikarkiba theme added
  • ZerOne theme added
  • Only Mainconcept AAC codec seems to work for now.
  • ISDB Brazil Frequency List : 4003.ini
  • ISDB Japan Frequency List : 4004.ini

New in version 1.4i (April 26th, 2008)

  • Faster scan for NA satellites
  • Some TS record problems fixed
  • Improved Vista compatibility, Vista AERO window movement bug fixed
  • Ch. name text filtering option for general and favorites tabs
  • Fix for 19.2e DVB-S2 crash problem and network search (DVB-S2 TPs)
  • Now it is possible to override/correct the missing channel name or wrong crypted channel status with help of a text file. (scan_override.txt)
  • BDA interface update (v2.0)
  • BDA: Added support for Turbosight TBS 8920 DVB-S2, 8910 DVB-S and Compro VideoMate 500 DVB-S
  • Video and audio type indicators added, next to video/audio buffer bars
  • Now OSD Now/Next info should be always up-to-date
  • New HotKey to change (cycle) audio pid: 'A'
  • Guids.ini updated, some new h.264 entries added
  • EPG parser now supports DISH and BEV 9 day epg
  • Portuguese(br) language added
  • For FTA sats, you should disable "NA fast scan"
  • During fast scan, first TP will relatively take longer.
  • It is important that NA users should enable "Customize for NA" (preferences->localization)
  • You can utilize ENTER, ESC keys in channel name filter box

New in version 1.3c (April 3rd, 2007)

  • Added an option to change API version of MD plugin interface
  • Added an option to disable signal indicators
  • Some BDA fixes
  • OSD channel name bug fix
  • Fix for the certain plugins which were'nt working together active.
  • This version will disable the log file. You can enable it again using options->prefences->general->"Enable event logging".
  • DVBEPG removed from the setup package due to some problems. You can download it as a seperate package.

New in version 1.1d (May 31st, 2006)

  • Minor fix for record audio drop outs on some channels
  • Fix for record crash bug
  • Better audio sync for record
  • Bug fixes (for the bugs reported by users via eurekalog)
  • 22khz tone off/on switch bug fixed
  • AirStar2 bug fixed
  • Pinnacle Diseqc support
  • Bug fixes (for the bugs reported by users via eurekalog)
  • New Feature: Upgrade Reminder
  • Ch.Scanner has been adapted for N.A. / Echo*
  • Genpix 8PSK - USB device support
  • Pinnacle PCTV Sat/400i/Lite support by Leonid P.
  • Out of resource bug fixed
  • General Timer Exception bug fixed
  • Bulgarian language added
  • Preferred languages for audio pids added
  • AC3 problems fixed
  • Modulation selection (QPSK / 8PSK) added
  • New Ch.list Options: Auto Collapse and Single Click To Expand
  • Ch.list color changes when filtered by TTX, AC3 or Multi-Audio.
  • Several Twinhan options added (Main menu/Options/Dev.Options)
  • Some plugin problems fixed
  • Many bugs reported via Eurekalog fixed