Dial-a-fix Changelog

New in version 0.57.4

March 9th, 2006
  • Added "dispex.dll" registration
  • New option: Unregister objects first (performs "regsvr32 /u file.ext" before performing "regsvr32 file.ext" - for the paranoid)
  • Added OLE registration section, with 23 new DLLs: msdadc.dll, msdaenum.dll, msdaer.dll, msdaipp.dll, msdaora.dll, msdaosp.dll, msdaps.dll, msdasc.dll, msdasql.dll, msdatt.dll, msdaurl.dll, msdmeng.dll, msdmine.dll, msjtor35.dll, msmdcb80.dll, msmdgd80.dll, msolap80.dll, msolui80.dll, msxactps.dll, oledb32.dll, oledb32r.dll, sqloledb.dll, and sqlxmlx.dll
  • Properly disables "Flush SoftwareDistribution" in Windows 98/Me now
  • No longer tries to register DLLs that aren't registerable in Windows 98/Me
  • Checkmarking "Fix Windows Update" now checkmarks "Programming cores/runtimes" in box #5 because Windows Update is dependant upon those DLLs