Internet Explorer Changelog

New in version Preview 4 2.10.8103.0

November 30th, 2011
  • Web Worker Profiling:
  • When profiling an application with the F12 developer tools, you will only see activity from web workers that were started after you began profiling. To work around this issue, make sure the profiler is started before the worker(s) you want to profile.
  • Placing comments before the DOCTYPE declaration incorrectly puts IE10 into quirks mode.
  • Platform Preview setup shows an error dialog if you have open windows of older Platform Previews:
  • If you have open windows of older Platform Previews running while you install the latest available Platform Preview, you will see an error dialog during setup. To avoid this issue, please close all open instances of the Platform Previews and re-run the newest Platform Preview installer.
  • Platform Preview Build opens links to *.EXE files as text:
  • Description: When you click a link to an executable (.EXE) in the Platform Preview, it will open in the Platform Preview as a text file. To work around this issue: Right click the link and choose "Save Target As..." to save the linked file to your machine, after which you may run it. For more information see connect issue 556100.
  • Downloads initiated by script do not function:
  • There is no Information Bar (aka Gold Bar) in Platform Preview. As a result, downloads initiated by script will not function. Files can be downloaded using the “Save Target As…” in the right-click context menu, by clicking on hyperlinks to files, and by typing a download URL in the Open dialog (Ctrl+O).
  • Upgrading the Platform Preview Build turns the taskbar pinned icon into a blank page icon:
  • When a user upgrades from one version of the Platform Preview Build to the next, the taskbar pinned icon to turns into a blank page icon. As a workaround you can right click the icon on the taskbar and select "Unpin this program from taskbar". Open the Start Menu, right click the newly installed Internet Explorer Platform Preview under All Programs, and click "Pin to Taskbar".
  • CSS Grid and CSS Flexbox do not currently support anonymous text blocks:
  • A temporary workaround is to wrap such blocks with an explicit element.
  • Layering is not currently supported in CSS3 Grid
  • The CSS calc() function is not currently supported for CSS3 multicolumn properties
  • Absolutely positioned elements contained within a multicolumn element may be positioned incorrectly if they are encountered after the multicolumn fragment in which they should be positioned
  • Borders may be drawn outside of the border box when specified on a CSS Grid item

New in version 10.0.1000.16394 (April 13th, 2011)

  • Support for CSS3 Flexbox, CSS3 Grid Alignment, CSS3 Multi-column, CSS3 Gradients on background-images and ECMAScript5 Strict Mode.
  • Event object's 'trusted' property:
  • In recent changes to the W3C DOM Level 3 Events specification's Last Call feedback, the working group elected to change the 'trusted' property to 'isTrusted' to match the property of the same name and semantics in Mozilla browsers. IE's implementation of this property has been adjusted to match.
  • DOM Programmability:
  • Invoking cached DOM functions without using the dot (.) notation and without using call/apply/bind now throws script errors. The previously supported legacy function invocation pattern has been removed for better interoperability and standards support: var g = document.getElementById; g(‘test’); // Now throws an exception
  • Enumeration of DOM objects previously only included properties and event handlers. With IE9 and IE10 standards mode, enumeration now includes functions as well. Support for invoking collection objects as functions (rather than array-indexing): document.images(0) has been removed from the following collection objects: HTMLFormElement, window.frames, document.frames, NodeList.
  • HTCs / VBScript:
  • HTML Components (HTC) and VBScript code when used inside of an IE9 or IE10 standards mode page are no longer executed in compatibility view. Consequently, DOM APIs used by the HTC or VBScript code now behave according to the IE standards mode version of the same APIs.
  • DOM Properties in Attributes Collection:
  • Properties set on DOM objects no longer appear in the attributes collection (NamedNodeMap) and vice versa in IE9 or IE10 standards mode. This change also aligns IE’s programmability model with current standards and interoperability.