Nero 7 Lite Changelog

New in version Build

March 27th, 2013
  • update Inno Setup -> 5.5.3
  • update VC++ 2005 Redist (KB2538242)
  • update GDI+ (KB2659262)

New in version Build (May 11th, 2009)

  • Update Inno Setup to 5.3.0 beta providing full unicode support
  • Update included libraries:
  • AutoItX to
  • SQLite to 3.6.14

New in version Build (April 13th, 2009)

  • Add Nero7 E-AC3/TrueHD and DTS Express support
  • Improve registry cleanup on uninstall
  • Disable multiple instances of setup to run
  • Detect if Nero is running
  • Improve setup compression

New in version R1.7.2.2 (February 7th, 2007)

  • Added workaround for Nero activation (FATAL ERROR when using DEMO key)
  • Improved Windows Vista installation support.
  • Improved automatic language selection
  • Minor fixes

New in version (December 1st, 2006)

  • Upgraded components to Nero
  • Fixed Spanish language selection
  • Added Finnish language

New in version (September 26th, 2006)

  • Upgraded components to Nero
  • Replaced MauSau Ogg Vorbis Audioplugin with Nero Ogg Vorbis plugin
  • Removed MauSau Aac Audioplugin
  • Added English language to all versions of Nero 7 Lite. Note: This does not include English Help files
  • New Unattended switches: /USER, /COMPANY and /SERIAL
  • Regression bug: Nero VCD/SVCD encoding was broken in Nero 7 Lite v7.2.7.0
  • No more Windows 98/ME support

New in version (September 11th, 2006)

  • Upgraded Nero to Nero
  • Added Nero CD-DVD Speed 4.60
  • Changed component selection method
  • Multi-languagepacks now possible