New in version 6.0.611

December 22nd, 2011
  • Now you can quickly switch between Google and Microsoft translators. Google Translation available only for the "Pro" users (1 000 000 characters per license).
  • "Donate Idle CPU Time" disabled in this version.

New in version 5.2.603 (December 22nd, 2011)

  • Now you can get Pro version for Free!
  • Just donate your idle CPU time for Distributed Computing.

New in version 5.1.551 (May 19th, 2011)

  • Fixed the problem with translation by double-clicking.

New in version 5.1.550 (May 19th, 2011)

  • Now you can switch between source and translated text for listening in popup window.

New in version 5.1.540 (February 16th, 2011)

  • Text-to-Speech and Alternate translations provided by new Google Translate API. Back Translation area. Option for Enable/Disable AutoCopy with Synchro.

New in version 5.0.517 (December 20th, 2010)

  • New Parser, compatible to last changes in Google Translation API.
  • Minor changes in bug tracker.

New in version 5.0.515 (December 4th, 2010)

  • Minor changes in the installer.

New in version 5.0.510 (October 6th, 2010)

  • New:
  • Favorite languages (to prevent language autodetect mistakes); minor interface changes for new language autodetect concept;
  • AutoReplace - automatically translate and replace any editable selected text with Hot Keys;
  • 6 new languages (Armenian, Azerbaijani, Basque, Georgian, Haitian, Creole, Urdu);
  • Automatically download and install updates.
  • Fixed:
  • Language autodetect mistakes (realy actual for Russian/Bulgarian, Czech/Slovak and ect. languages);
  • bugs with a left handed mouse;
  • bug with a vanishing language selector; translation with Hot Keys;
  • Chinese and Korean typing;
  • Translation with Double Click.

New in version 4.7.420 (July 26th, 2010)

  • Added a direct interface to 24/7 Human Translation service, powered by Now you can get professional translation in one click!