Total Uninstall Changelog

New in version 6.10.0

December 2nd, 2014
  • Installed programs: Auto-group programs button on the status bar to easy enable/disable the feature.
  • Installed programs: Improvements in auto-group programs.
  • Installed programs: System components are visible by default.

New in version 6.9.1 (December 2nd, 2014)

  • Fix setup for error updating the trial version
  • Improvement in the Waiting for built in uninstaller function
  • Toolbar cosmetic fix
  • Autorun manager fixes

New in version 6.9.0 (November 11th, 2014)

  • Program interface translation updated: Spanish, Polish, German, Italian, Slovenian, Portuguese-Brazilian, Norwegian, Korean, Indonesian, Montenegrin, Chinese-Simplified.
  • Autorun manager: Improvements and fixes.
  • Installed programs: Disintegrate from system the uninstalled program and restore the system default values (full uninstall Tuneup Utilities 2014).
  • Installed programs: Auto grouping the hidden system components under the main program for a better analysis.

New in version 6.8.0 (October 25th, 2014)

  • New functional module: Autorun manager.

New in version 6.7.1 (September 1st, 2014)

  • Program interface translation updated: Chinese simplified, French and Polish.
  • Detected changes tree: multiple selection at the same level is possible with different parent nodes.

New in version 6.7.0 (August 20th, 2014)

  • Bring to front button in the uninstall dialog for running built-in uninstaller. Avoid wasting time waiting confirmation dialog that is behind some windows
  • Spanish help file integrated. Use F1 to open it for the current context
  • Program interface translation updated: French, Italian and Romanian

New in version 6.6.0 (July 12th, 2014)

  • It includes a database with known fake built-in uninstallers. Total Uninstall will not use them to avoid installing more unwanted adware.
  • French help file integrated. Use F1 to open it for the current context.
  • Program interface translation updated: Chinese-Simplified, Polish and Indonesian
  • Installed programs: Improved analysis.

New in version 6.5.0 (June 29th, 2014)

  • Backup programs with system information to make them transferable.
  • Restore profiles to control each restoration aspect.
  • Restore can import backups created on other systems (transfer programs to new PC).
  • Undo a restored program. Useful to cancel an unsuccessful transferred program.
  • Installed programs: Improved analysis.
  • Automatic switch to a non aggressive registry access in antivirus protected areas to avoid the denied access error.
  • New translation: Slovenian; Updated translation: Spanish, Koreean.
  • Monitored programs: Fix for a possible corrupted system snapshot on busy systems with more than 4GB RAM

New in version 6.4.1 (June 29th, 2014)

  • General: Interface translation updated (Czech, French, Hebrew)
  • General: Large fonts related cosmetic fixes
  • Installed programs: Improved detection for shortcuts and services.