Windows 7 Manager Changelog

New in version 5.0.3

December 11th, 2014
  • Add the "Create System Restore Ponit" on Main form.
  • Perfect the "Copy Name List to Clipboard" in Context Menu Manager
  • Fix the bug that cannot log in Super Copy
  • Fix the bug that Add entries to Control Panel
  • Add the feature that back up Group Policy settings in Security section
  • Perfect the Startup and Shutdown date!

New in version 5.0.2 (November 21st, 2014)

  • Fix some cacographies
  • Fix the live update and other some bugs
  • Auto adjust form height base on screen scale
  • Add the tweak "Increase paged memory usage for NTFS file system" in System Speed section
  • Add the date for typed URLs in Privacy Protector

New in version 5.0.1 (October 31st, 2014)

  • Perfect some functions and UIs
  • Perfect the context menu for some programs
  • Fix some bugs

New in version 5.0.0 (October 11th, 2014)

  • Perfect the IE11 balloon tip.
  • Perfect some functions.
  • Add the function that custom balloon tip color in Options.
  • Add the function that backup Windows firewall settings.
  • Change the UIs.

New in version 4.4.9 (September 15th, 2014)

  • Add Windows Defender Status Manager in Security Components.
  • Add more programs for cleaning privacy.
  • Fix the bug that LiveUpdate will not be closed with Main program.
  • Perfect the ball tip, not closed automatically and you can touch screen for tips.
  • Fix other some bugs.

New in version 4.4.8 (August 26th, 2014)

  • Perfect some functions, fix some bugs.

New in version 4.4.7 (August 5th, 2014)

  • Perfect some functions
  • Perfect UI and icon for high DPI

New in version 4.4.6 (July 16th, 2014)

  • Perfect the UI in high DPI.
  • Optimization Wizard updated to v3.1
  • IE Manager updated to v4.9
  • Perfect the UI for System Information

New in version 4.4.5 (June 24th, 2014)

  • You can create muliti reminder tasks.
  • Fix a bug for Process Manager.
  • Perfect Context Menu Manager.
  • Add some tweaks.