New in version 8.8.7

November 8th, 2014
  • Fixed: Some strange freeze issue in V8.8.5
  • Fixed: ONDOWNLOAD checksum issue

New in version 8.8.5 (September 27th, 2014)

  • Includes changes from the previous Beta versions

New in version 8.8.5 Beta (September 22nd, 2014)

  • Fixed: ANSI issue

New in version 8.8.4 Beta (September 18th, 2014)

  • Added: Firefox 32 compatibility
  • Fixed: CLEAR command issue (caused by Firefox API changes)

New in version 8.8.3 Beta (August 27th, 2014)

  • Fixed: More fixes for ANSI encoded file issues (on Windows)
  • Fixed: Replay problem introduced in Firefox 31 affecting macros using ONDOWNLOAD

New in version 8.8.2 (May 17th, 2014)

  • This version fixes some Firefox 28/29 related issues.

New in version 8.8.1 (May 17th, 2014)

  • This version adds support for the latest Firefox versions, several improvements, bug fixes, and the ability to upload and test macros on the AlertFox Web Performance Monitoring service.

New in version 8.8.0 Beta (February 6th, 2014)

  • Added: Firefox 27 support
  • Added: AlertFox support - test and upload transaction tests from within iMacros (see the Manage tab).
  • Fixed: Several bug fixes and tweaks

New in version 8.6.0 (November 26th, 2013)

  • Added: Firefox 25 and Firefox 26 support
  • Improved: Floating iMacros icon only during recording, blue frames back during replay
  • Fixed: 16 bug fixes and tweaks