New in version 3.10

July 1st, 2014
  • new: iPhone/iTouch support disabled by default, because newer devices and iTunes versions caused Winamp to crash. iOS 4 or 3 wasn't supported anyway, due to Apple's implemented protection to keep us out of the game. It can be re-enabled for older devices in the preferences, on the "Advanced" tab. You must restart Winamp after this change.
  • fixed: bug that caused the scrolling title in newer Winamps to stop working (DrO)
  • fixed: Don't show donation request on first launch (user should have some time to test with her device, first)
  • The support file "process.exe" is no longer bundled in the installer, as several virus scanners report this file as a potential threat. It is not, but it caused users to worry. We will provide a separate zip for this.
  • Still not supported (and probably never will): iPod nano 5G or 6G, iPhone with OS 3.x or 4.x, iPodTouch with OS 3.x or 4.x, iPod classic 6G.

New in version 3.09 (July 1st, 2014)

  • new: hidden option in ipod ini file: usePodcastRatingHack (default 1)
  • fixed: always update iPhone database when Winamp exits
  • fixed: timeout when Winamp exits was too low for reliable iPhone update
  • fixed: sorting on iPhone, numbers come after letters now
  • fixed: iPhone database is readable by iTunes 8 now
  • hidden option usePodcastRatingHack auto-set to 0 for nano 4G
  • hidden option deleteCDB (auto-remove iTunesCDB on new iPhones during sync if deleteCDB is set to 1)
  • added hint for incompatibility with newer iPods

New in version 3.08 (January 12th, 2009)

  • new: full support for iTouch with FW 2.x (experimental) without patching device. Special thanks to a developer who wants to stay anonymous and helped a lot here! Without your help this wouldn't have been possible.
  • new: iPhone/iTouch shows "sync in progress", no need to run AfterSync or reboot after transfer
  • new: automatically launch 'aftereject.cmd' after any device eject, if it exists. aftereject.cmd must be in ...Winamppluginsml_ipod folder and is optional
  • new: hidden option in ipod ini file: transcodeFlacFiles (default 1)
  • fixed: sorting order and header letters in listings on iPhone/iTouch
  • fixed: Allow ml_iPod to detect iPhones/touches without elevation under UAC (Vista)

New in version 3.07 (December 19th, 2008)

  • new: support for nano 4G (incl. cover art and photos)
  • new: photo support for iPhone and iTouch
  • new: full support for new iPod classic 120GB
  • new: photo thumbnails have no black border anymore (just like iTunes does it)
  • new: hidden setting allowDoublePlNames (default 1)
  • fixed #2122016: Upload progress meter incorrect
  • better detection of iPhone and iTouch with firmware V2.0 (not yet compatible)
  • still no support for iPhone/iTouch with firmware V2.0 (Apple's fault!)

New in version 3.06p01 (September 13th, 2008)

  • Better detection of iPhone and iTouch with firmware V2.0 (not yet compatible)

New in version 3.06 (September 13th, 2008)

  • new: sync playlist tree with specially named WA playlists, e.g. "My best / Part 1 / Angel" (FR:2024972)
  • new: podcasts get correct release date on iPod (if downloaded with Winamp)
  • new: warning for incompatible iPhone FW 2.x
  • fixed: substitute ":" with "-" in coverart lookup, like Winamp does it
  • fixed #1967801: Smart Playlists with albumartist emptying at eject
  • fixed: creation of first subplaylist in a folder
  • fixed #2030742: newly created or synced playlists did not show up immediately
  • fixed: prefixAlbumsWithYear from v2.01 caused problems if user really has albums named in format "[2001] albumname", see
  • fixed: podcast sync state persisted even after sync finished
  • internal: some more debug output for iPhone connection

New in version 3.05 (April 30th, 2008)

  • new: hierarchical subfolders for playlists
  • new: using the notes feature for playlist folders for older iPod models
  • new: Move audioscrobbler status dialogs to lower-right corner
  • new: Eject Button Failsafe
  • new: different resize methods for images, depending on size. (to scale down, BOX, to enlarge use BICUBIC)
  • new: get iPhone FWID from serial string, no need to query registry etc.
  • fixed: some dependencies in sync preferences dialog
  • fixed: don't remove special podcast playlist during sync
  • fixed: wrong title in folder selection dlg for photos
  • fixed (maybe): Ctrl-Space hotkey on Vista?
  • fixed: problem with smart view selection if empty rules existed
  • fixed: MHOD_ID_JUMPTABLE should fix the problems with A-T-B-T-C-T in the fast scroll box
  • fixed: better diagnostics for unpaired iPhone problems
  • internal: preparation to use AmdConnection in other project

New in version 3.00 (May 29th, 2007)

  • New: Complete redesign of preferences GUI [This is a great improvement in usability, have a look. Those of you who have used one of the 2.04pXX patches and use the functions, please check your preferences. There was a slight change!]
  • New: Photo upload [After configuring it in the prefs, you can use the iPod Tools menu to upload photos. See the Wiki for more information.]
  • New: Multi-User support (access levels for the iPod) [This gives you the possibility to protect your iPod from unwanted changes on a different PC. Caution: The protection is only active if the other PC is using ml_iPod, too, not iTunes or any other tool.]
  • New: SPLs really query the iPod data now, not Winamp's library [It was always a problem that the SmartPlaylists relied on the fact that you must have all your iPod tracks in your Winamp MediaLibrary as well. They simply did not work correctly if you had tracks on your iPod that you donít have on your PC. This limitation is finally gone with 3.00!]
  • New: Full video support [You can now designate specific folders on your HD for specific types of videos. This makes it very easy to put videos into the corresponding category on the iPod. See the Wiki for more information.]

New in version 2.0 (November 7th, 2006)

  • full Album Art support for iPod Photo, iPod Video and iPod Nano (FR:1241247). This leads to a much bigger installer package, because we have to include some support libraries to convert the image formats.
  • Podcast handling improved, using "Podcasts" menu on iPod now; special Smart Playlist named "Podcasts" is automatically created for that
  • a lot of bug fixes and minor improvements

New in version 1.41 (June 30th, 2006)

  • Fixed #1509674: "couldn't write new ipod database"
  • Workaround for Winamp bug in 5.22/5.23 that caused crashes during "Sync ratings"
  • Fixed #1505632: lyrics dont transfer
  • Fixed #1505969: SendTo always sends to first attached iPod
  • Smart playlists from iTunes are marked as "external" in view

New in version 1.33 alpha 1 (May 17th, 2006)

  • New: On-The-Go playlists finally work, saved OTG playlists are converted into regular playlists with name "On-The-Go 1"...
  • New: Japanese version (thanks to koniyan!)
  • New: Hotkey Ctrl-E to edit items
  • New: Show progress in statusbar when deleting a bunch of files
  • New: Podcast sync button (adds/removes only podcasts)
  • New: Support for 'Comment' field in tracks
  • New: Can handle databases written by "AnaPod Explorer"
  • New: Faster browsing on the iPod because of creation of sorted index lists (as iTunes does it)
  • New: Option to fix corrupt timestamps in ML and iPod
  • New: syncs changed genre during smartsync
  • New: Hotkey "copy currently playing song to iPod"
  • New: tag for reverse sync
  • Fixed: Crash when iTunesDB and mlipodSmartPlaylists do not fit together
  • Fixed: better coexistence with iTunes, does not destroy iTunes settings for specific songs
  • Fixed: AlbumArt that is loaded with iTunes or Anapod will be visible on iPod even after transfering songs with ml_ipod (but still ml_ipod does NOT download any album art itself)
  • Fixed: RefreshAll smart playlists button works again
  • Fixed: Last played timestamps were garbeled
  • Fixed: Smart sync ratings sometimes used wrong timestamps
  • Fixed: timezone handling (daylight time)
  • Fixed #1242625: Aborting "remove playlist and files" works now
  • Fixed #1426680: Ratings that are set to 0 on iPod are now sync'ed
  • Fixed #1195852: SmartSync ratings does no longer depend on the songs being completely played on iPod (rating is synced even if lastplaytime has not changed)
  • internal: Updated workspace for easier compilation (*.dsp, jnetlib files)

New in version 1.32 (April 28th, 2006)

  • Added support for audiobooks and (rudimentary) podcasts, new options page "Speech" to configure it. Audiobooks are recognized by genre.
  • Fixed: Bookmarkposition of audiobooks is not zero'ed now
  • New options for autofill (on "Sync settings" page):
  • ∑ use autofill query independently of sync query
  • ∑ do not delete any files during autofill, only fill the empty space
  • Fixed #1475582: crash when deleting song from playlist (broken since 1.31)
  • Fixed #1475582: crash when opening smart playlist query editor (broken since 1.31)
  • Fixed #1475592: unwanted confirmation box on first transfer
  • Fixed "Check Songs on iPod" (needed several runs if some files were missing on iPod)