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Oddly enough, with all software solutions floating on the Web there are still plenty of people using sticky notes as reminders to complete tasks. AllMyNotes Organizer lets you create an electronic database with all the notes you need. Moreover, it can be used to store other sort of information, such as contact details, financial info or schedules. To put it simply, if you need to save text and even images, the application can help you do it in an organized fashion.

AllMyNotes Organizer comes in two flavors, one free, more limited in features, and the full-option, Deluxe edition. The differences setting them apart are pretty steep, since with the paid product you’ll be able to import images (PNG, JPEG, GIF and BMP), create strong passwords, add multiple alarms for the same note or set up different priorities for notes and folders.

The regular price of the full product is $34, a one-off purchase which includes lifetime upgrades to future versions.

Installing AllMyNotes Organizer is a simple job that requires going through a couple of screens, and then you’re good to go. As soon as the app is on the system a configuration wizard kicks in allowing you to configure the app for the type of usage you need it for.

To put it shortly AllMyNotes Organizer comes with a number of samples designed to help you better organize personal, business, school, family and password and bookmarks information. You can always modify these trees according to your needs.

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The interface is pretty simple, with two main sections, one for the folder trees and the other for showing the contents of the selected folder or note (workspace area in the left part of the screen); it’s a classic Windows Explorer layout, familiar to most of the users. So you get to see the main items inside a folder in the workspace area, and each element comes with information about the number of sub-folders and notes it hosts.

Organizing things this way is a pretty neat idea that makes even the least organized user seem like they have all the notes in perfect order.

Adding notes is a straightforward job that requires you to punch in the lines; but you can also add notes to a selected folder from any other application by copying the text to clipboard and then using the “paste function” in AllMyNotes Organizer’s system tray context menu. The note is created automatically and the copied content is transferred.

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However, it is the options available for each note that are more important. Besides text formatting and text color options the app can add multiple alarms to the same entry, it can add bullets to the text rows and even create a table you can fill out.

Even more, notes support attachments of any sort. Thus, when you open it up you can also launch the necessary files on the spot instead of spending the time browsing for them on the computer.

Compared to other apps of the same feather, AllMyNotes Organizer does not sport a great deal of options and accessing some of them is not done in the most comfortable way. Setting the priority of an entry, for instance, can be done from the right click of the folder tree, whereas a better alternative would have been to have the option when the note is created/edited.

There is support for links, but we could not create a hyperlink. Also, when adding an attachment this is placed where the mouse cursor currently it. So, if you don’t want it in the middle of a word pay attention to the position of the cursor.

On the upside, you get to run a spell checker on your text. This is extremely useful especially if you decide to work with the software on various projects as you can make sure that no typo slips in. plenty of languages are available; you can check this page for the full list.

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Another plus in the application is the fact that you get to find any note you need with a simple tool, called global search. This instrument will scour the entire note database to find matches for your queries and the results are returned as you type; additionally, you can filter the results for the most relevant choices.

As far as security is concerned, AllMyNotes Organizer can auto-save your database at any rate you set in the configuration panel. Moreover, to ensure that corruption of the database due to hardware or software failure as well as malware attacks does not leave you hanging, it can create a double of the storage file, which can be saved in a custom location upon exiting the program or with a user-defined frequency. It will always be a full backup so in the worst case scenario you will always have at least 90% of the notes to rely on.

The built-in password generator is no fancy instrument. It contains the basic features, which include picking up the set of characters you want in the password, its length and amount. However, the tool comes with strength evaluation for the result, which is a good indication of the effort that should be invested into cracking it.

AllMyNotes Organizer definitely has some flaws to overcome, but overall it can be a pretty efficient personal information manager. It offers a clean view at the notes and finding the right one is an easy job, despite the fact that the pile might look overwhelming.

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The Good

Installation is a cinch and you are offered the possibility of a preconfigured environment, adapted to specific areas of activity.

The user interface is extremely easy to handle. You can import text snippets straight from other applications directly as notes; notes in their turn can also be exported to formats such as TXT, HTMLor RTF.

Support for multiple alarms and the most popular image formats allows you to set more than one reminder for the same note (useful for memos, birthdays, etc.).

The entire database can be protected by a master password but you can also protect each folder individually with a countersign.

The Bad

Attachments do not have their special place inside a note, but are inserted at the location of the mouse cursor. You cannot add hyperlinks to a note, only links. The spell-checker does not verify the text as you type it.

The Truth

AllMyNotes Organizer Deluxe can be purchased for a one-time fee, with free upgrades to future upgrades. You can use it for various purposes, from simply laying out your tasks for the day to keeping a list of contacts or movies, but also for storing login information or all sorts of schedules.

Note: AllMyNotes Organizer Deluxe can be purchased 71% off by clicking on this link right here, until November 23, 2011.

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