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Still Thinking About Internet Security?

You already know that the Internet is a dangerous place when it comes to identity theft, personal information and hordes of other things that people want to get their hands on. Phishing and key-logging have been one of the ways that they've been able to do exactly that. The recent release of Raytown Corporation's Anti-keylogger is something that you can use to fight back against all of these constant threats.

If you're tired of constantly thinking about potential threats, you might as well give Anti-keylogger a shot.

What's Inside

Anti-keylogger's kernel is based on "heuristic algorithms and the user needn't interfere into making the decisions about disabling any 'suspicious' programs or their modules". So when it's activated, the monitoring programs are disabled at the very moment the OS starts even before the user logs in the system.

The program consists of about 5 main icons (About, Protection Policy, Options, Contacts and Languages), but only two of those are what you're going to be interested in (Protection Policy and Options).

When it comes to the program itself, you're pretty limited with the amount of control you have over the whole thing. Your options menu consists of two tabs; for your computer and advanced. In your computer's tab, you get to choose from a few things, mostly the ability to display a splash screen on startup or switching on/off sound effect or visual effects.

The Advanced tab gave me a little more to play with. Here was where I could set up my overall preferences (if I wanted to launch protection when my system started). Among other options, I have the ability to prohibit the switching off of the protection if some users don't have admin privileges. I thought the good part about it was that they did in fact include the option to give non administrators the privilege to run the program.

The Protection Policy is the other thing you need to take a good look at since this is where you see what's accessing your computer. Here's where you can enable, and disable certain applications. You can also set them into your 'White list' if you feel that these apps. can be trusted.

Anti-keylogger is also very adamant about giving you the necessary help you may need. They have tons of support from your regular email addresses, to telephones to even live technical support. For the more online motivated users, Anti-keylogger even has ICQ, AIM and Yahoo Messenger support. This was one of the few programs that I've seen trying to help its customers.

If you want a more personalized look, you need not worry since Anti-keylogger has a few skins that you can choose from (classic, compact, future and safari). The Safari one is a bit of a stretch, but hey, whatever floats your boat. I have to say that yes, it is skinnable, but if you do have this program running, it'll probably be in your system tray anyway. Yet I'm still glad they included it for those users that like to complain about programs that don't match their desktops.

The thing I wished that this program would do would be to tell me a little more. I had a tough time finding my log files, I wish that they were more accessible. The interface is nicely laid out and I had no real trouble in what I was doing. When I put it to the test again 4 different types of key-loggers, Anti-keylogger performed splendidly. Every piece of information was stopped from being logged, but it still recorded an entry. I had no problem with the key-loggers adding blank entries as long as they were blank.

The Good

The great thing about this program is that it's pretty much rock solid. It runs quietly in the background, you don't really get to see it. It's a powerful program that does the job right.

The Bad

I didn't like the fact that I couldn't disable it in the Task Manager. Although I understand why this feature is there, I'd prefer to have something more controllable (and so would the people trying to hack in my system). I can't really complain too much about this fact since it's essentially for my benefit. An easier way to my log file would be great.

The Truth

The truth is that this program is awesome. I can't give it the full 4/5 stars that I'd like to because there are still some things that could be changed and improved, but when you want a program that does a job well and right, Anti-keylogger is the program you want for you. When you want to prevent identity theft, prevent Internet banking fraud, secure email communication, instant messaging and chat, you can't go wrong with Anti-keylogger.

Check out the screenshots below.

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