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Software toolkits are the digital equivalent of Swiss knives, or at least that is what they are aiming at. You have antivirus protection equipped with antispyware tools and computer maintenance options. Uninstallers come with integrated startup managers and disk wiping options as a standard. Instant messaging, file sharing, video chatting and Internet radio all in one package, multitasking disc burners, Internet TV with instant messaging services and feed reading or web browsers with built-in email clients.

You name it and if there is a demand on the market it will most definitely be done. However, not all the applications with multiple talents offer the same quality standard for all the products of the package. And most likely one or two of the included tools will fail to properly assist you.

How about a tool that can synchronize folders on multiple computers, allow you to share your folders, remotely access your computer and create backups for your most important files and folders? It sounds good, I know. But that's not all. How about getting the whole package for free? Now that's an offer you can't refuse.

BeInSync is a free web service providing you all these options into a nicely wrapped interface. All you need to benefit from all these services is create an account. No nasty questions, no sensitive information needed, just an email address and a password.

All four options can be handled directly from the launchpad of the application with the utterest ease. Synchronization of documents can be done automatically or manually and the folder options cover everything from Internet favorites, My Pictures, My Documents, Desktop to any folder the user wishes to synchronize with another computer.

Before starting the operation a short message will advise you to go to the computer at the other end of the connection and choose a location. Immediately after compliance the process should start unhindered. After completion, check the BeInSync folder created during installation of the program. It should contain the data you just fed.

Sharing your files with your friends can be done in a blink of a wizard, because you are not alone on this. The three steps required for completing the job are wizard assisted so there could be nothing easier. First you have to choose the folder you want to share, next an email address of the destination account is needed - invite people over (contacts can be imported from Live Messenger, Outlook and Outlook Express). The final step consists in editing the subject of the invitation and the text you want to send to your friend.

Remote computer access is another service provided by BeInSync. As soon as you launch the option from the launchpad of the application your default web browser will load the remote access page for all the computers you have set it up. You can browse the folders of all the online machines with no restriction. In the right hand part of the screen there are the shortcuts for Windows locations and file uploading option while in the middle there are listed all the shortcuts in Desktop folder. Every corner of the computer can be explored with no restriction. But the only things you can do are downloading the files and uploading new ones.

For safekeeping of data BeInSync makes available online backup option. For the free version of the application the limit is 1GB, but if you hurry up and convince a friend of yours to join online space will be doubled for your account. The great thing is that backup does not have to be monitored. You can use the scheduler to do the job automatically for you. Advanced settings let the user make a selection of the files the application should ignore during the process (system files, hidden files, items larger than a user defined size or just create a list of extensions to be skipped during the operation).

'Safety first' is this application's motto, so you can protect your data with a 448-bit Blowfish encryption algorithm. In fact all the data is protected by SSL encryption, so you have nothing to worry except in case you neglect the secrecy of your login details.

Taking into consideration that there is also a Pro version available, the free edition comes with a bag of restrictions concerning the maximum number of computers that can be synced, number of shared folders, limited online storage room and it cannot be used for businesses. Nevertheless, the easy setup and use of the software as well as the options and features available are way too appealing to give up on the app.

The Good

BeInSync is amazingly easy to set up. In fact all you have to do is install the thing and follow the wizard steps. Every option is crystal clear explained in the online video tutorials.

All the files are encrypted so you don't have to worry about privacy.

The Bad

The free version accepts sync only between two computers and a five folders sharing.

The Truth

The free version is just a sweet taste of the full featured one. That is pretty drastic, but you can always buy the full package for $59.95 per year.

All in all BeInSync is worth the effort. For a simple folder synchronization between two computers and remotely access it deserves an applause.

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