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  • The program can be easily configured to alert a user with a special reminder displayed on computer's monitor or by sending an e-mail.
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Nowadays hunger for time and speed in every domain requires good time management, whether you're a business man or a simple high school student. So your whole activity depends on the management tool that you use.

It's better to spend a little more time searching for the best utility there is than to choose the first one in your path, and then lose time every time you use it.

It didn't take me a great deal of time to find C-Organizer Pro, and it took me even less to work with it.

What it does

This program is an all-in-one organizer that integrates a calendar, task manager, address book, password manager, personal notebook, and event planner.

All these features are well created, complex enough to gather all the information you need, but structured in a simple way so that it is easy to use and comprehend.

Getting busy

The featured calendar has a nice, smooth design. Here you can schedule appointments for which you can set a begin date, and a deadline to be met. Also, you can have a reminder inform you about each appointment's details once or on a regular basis (ranging from minutes to weeks).

For each reminder alarm you can set a customized sound and an action from the following: Run application/open file, system turn off, system restart and system log off. It's not a very wide variety of actions, nor is it customizable, but the fact that you can have an application run broadens the view a little. Also, you can open more files and programs at the same time, so this makes up for the short action list.

The reminder that you set can be either shown on the computer display, or sent to an e-mail address that you specify.

If you have a thoroughly planned calendar, and you've reached a far date from today, you don't have to scroll your way back to see what's on today's schedule: you can simply right click on the calendar and just Go to today.

What I like about the calendar is the fact that in the appointment list, you can select to display all the appointments for a day, a week or a month. This way you know what follows on the agenda for the next period of time, thus you can organize it better.

Moving on to the Task section, you can see its resembling to the previous one, but instead of organizing your activity by days, here you have the chance to sort things out by type of activity. You can create folders (the program has two created by default: At home and at office, for general use).

I like the fact that the program allows you to drag and drop tasks from one folder to another, so you can simply add all your chores, and then classify them after you get a panoramic view over all.

The task editor looks just like the one in the appointments section, which is normal since appointment and task can be considered twins.

An organizer should always have an address book, and like all good ones, C-Organizer Pro has one too.

Like the Task manager, the address book can be structured in folders (the program creates a friends and a family folder by default). The management system is the same as for the tasks, which is good, because it's a good one, but the structure is different, since we have to deal with contacts and addresses and so on.

For each record you can add as many details as you want, and you can also assign a photo to each contact (John Smith may be popular by name, but his haircut is unique). Also, should you have identical twins (John Smiths) in your address book, you can add a description to each, mentioning which one was born first, or whatever criteria you think will tell them apart.

With so many financing options and so many credit cards available, it's impossible to remember all those PIN numbers and passwords to foreign bank accounts. For this purpose, C-Organizer Pro features a password manager that allows you to store your passwords nice and easy.

If you choose to hide the password as you type it, the windows protection system doesn't allow you to copy/paste it, but there are correspondent buttons in this section that will do this for you, so that not only do you store them, but you can refresh your memory when you need to as well.

A password manager needs a password for the database, and this feature was not forgotten by the developers. Like a small lock on your treasure chest from childhood, the password that you set can be required even when you restore the program from the system tray, if you want to.

The notebook feature is pretty good too, and, just like in the previous sections, you can add folders to have your notes categorized systematically. The included text editor has advanced enough features that will more than suit your needs (you can add bullets, numbering, and even tables).

The event planner resembles the task manager, with the difference that a task has a beginning and an end date, and an event only takes place once, so you need to fill in a single date field. Other than that, it's structured just the same.

You can export the database, or import from a .csv, text file, or from older versions of C-Organizer. There's the option to back-up and restore your data, so everything is foolproof. Also, there's a "hot swap" function, and you can load and unload database files as you work with the program, the changes that you make to each database being automatically saved.

Overall, this is a good, feature-rich organizer that will sort out your activity in a quick and easy manner.

The Good

The good part about this program is that it offers so many features, packed into a single, user friendly package. The information you store is secure, and your private information will not get in the hands of the wrong people (unless you want to). The price for the full version is not too high, either.

The Bad

A bad part could be considered the fact that the tasks and the appointments are categorized in different sections, when they could be easily integrated in one feature. The same applies to the event planner. Nevertheless, if this bothers you there's always the option of using a single option out of the three. Also, the trial version is only available for a 30 day period during which you can evaluate it.

The Truth

I like working with this C-Organizer Pro, mainly because it has a clean and user friendly interface, and includes many features that cover everything I need to carefully plan my activity. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some appointments I need to attend to (these reminders are really good!)

Here are some screen captures of the program doing its work:

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