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With editions targeting multiple user types and environments, EaseUS Todo Backup is no longer the new kid on the block.

Workstation edition is fit for the average user and in terms of options, it mixes in both traditional backup functions and modern features that are generally available in top of the line backup products.

This particular flavor is available for $39 / €33.73 and you can test it before making the purchase, albeit without the snapshot function and only for 15 days.

The installation procedure should not pose any trouble. In our case it took a while to complete, although we witnessed the same behavior in the previous releases of the application, too.

There were no third-party hurdles during the installation procedure, but, as usual, it took a bit longer than we wished. However, this is to be expected considering all the components integrated in the package.

Before starting the installation of the program, you can choose whether you want to create a built-in account for centralized management. This would be useful for those that want remote control and management for data backup and recovery, but an extra, paid tool is necessary for this and we opted out of it.

Most of the functionality of EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation is bundled under Home menu. This is where you can find the regular backup and recovery options, specific to all such products, but there is also the possibility to create a backup image for the system drive.

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This enables you to recover the entire system in the future, complete with drivers and installed programs. Thus, when restoring, all you need to do is apply the latest updates and you’re good to go.

Although it does not seem like a complicated program, EaseUS Todo Backup does provide all the necessary choices to carry out the job. You can schedule backup tasks to run with a specific frequency as well as customize the backup options.

Thus, the application makes available three compression levels (normal, medium and high), the possibility to password-protect the backup file (AES 256-bit encryption) or split it into smaller chunks.

Furthermore, the priority of the process carrying out the job can be changed to medium or high in order to run faster, you can receive notifications about the end status of the operation or set various commands to be run before or after the task completes.

The saving path for the resulting image can be local as well as an FTP location or on an NAS (Network Access Storage) device.

The same options are available when backing up entire disks and partitions. However, in this case sector-by-sector copy option becomes available, which lets you create a perfect clone of the source, complete with free space.

Cloning a disk or partition is another form of backup supported by the application, but the operation is performed on the spot and cannot be scheduled, the result being an identical duplicate of the source.

With disk and partition cloning options, you can basically duplicate the source and copy it to a new target in a single operation. This procedure comes in extremely handy when you want to replace your hard disk or duplicate a partition since it is a direct copy process to the new device.

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Recovery options reflect the ones for backup. As such, you can retrieve files, disks and partitions, but you can also restore a system backup as well as recover it to dissimilar hardware.

Be careful, though, because this operation takes its toll. Although the preparation steps let you choose the desired partition, all the data on the target disk will be lost. “The data on the destination disk will be lost. Do you want to continue?” is the last message you see before the start of the procedure.

The entire procedure is carried out with the help of the Linux-based bootable disk, which can be created from the Tools section of the main application window. Once booted, it’ll load up a less rich version of Todo Backup that lets you create backups, restore them or clone the drives.

“Home” menu is also the place where you can verify the validity of a backup image, mount it as a virtual drive to check its content or convert it to a format compatible with VirtualPC or VMware.

The backup options are comprehensive, offering the possibility to choose between multiple compression modes, enable password protection, scheduling, define file splitting for large images, set commands to be executed before and after completing the backup operation. Moreover, this is the place to make the necessary setting to store the copy offsite, on an FTP server.

All the backups made with EaseUS Todo Backup are available under Management screen of the application. It’s the place where you can edit each backup plan, recover data or create incremental or differential copies.

Users in the habit of testing various applications know that having the possibility to return the operating system to a particular point in time is an awesome feature. EaseUS Todo Backup can create a snapshot of the current state of the OS. This offers the possibility to test various other programs or settings and then remove all modifications roll back to the initial state.

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The Good

It comes with an intuitive and clutter-free interface. Todo Backup Workstation provides a gamut of backup options that is both robust and flexible.

There are multiple backup choices available (full, differential, incremental) as well as the snapshot feature that allows you to store the state of the system at a particular point in time and roll back the modifications any time you want. You can recover a system partition to dissimilar hardware.

The Bad

Restoring to dissimilar hardware requires full erase of the hard disk, not just the target drive for the restoration procedure.

The Truth

EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation seems designed for professional backup tasks that can be easily carried out by inexperienced users as well. The interface is intuitive and free of clutter, while the suite of options is offered at very reasonable pricing compared to packages of the same feather on the market.

Note: We have 10 licenses to give away for EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation. In order to win one of them you are expected to come up with a smart, original post, about the application in the comments section below.

The campaign ends on September 9 and the winners will be notified by the end of that week; needless to say that we need valid email addresses in order to contact you.

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