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  • Finds invalid registry entries - deleting them speeds up your computer with up to 20%!
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We all admit that when it comes to health, nothing is more important. The same thing applies to computers. Keep your computer healthy by eliminating all unnecessary cargo and it will repay you by working faster.

Among the problems that cause your computer to run slow are irrelevant registry entries, fragmented files on the hard disk, duplicate files, web browser history, unnecessary processes in the startup, temporary files, spyware, adware, etc. Some of these problems can be solved by using anti-spyware/adware softwares, antivirus applications or hard disk defragmenters.

But what do you do when you have incomplete uninstalled software? Or you have lots of duplicate files on your disks? There is something for this, too. The name is Easy Cleaner. The software was developed by Toni Arts. The software is free so you will not have to pay a dime to speed up your machine. The installation file is almost 3MB large.

Version 2.0.5 has brought significant features to the software: three brand new utilities (ad/remove cleaner, startup cleaner and the undo tool), the new look, the ability to clear IE temporary files, history and cookies. Some fixes have also been made and the software will no longer break Office XP after deleting the unnecessary files and help and support will still be available after the registry clean.

The interface of the software is WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) so it will not bring problems of any kind (or at least it shouldn't). Some of the major features of the software are deleting invalid registry entries, cleaning your PC from false add/remove entries, finding duplicate files on your machine and delete them.

You may have some programs in startup that make the operating system loading more difficult. EasyCleaner will smoothen the process. Removing temporary Internet files is always a pain in the neck, but the software will make it a stroll in the park.

The main window displays all the tools that will help you speed up your machine. The first option is Registry and with its help you will be able to remove all the "entries pointing nowhere". Like all the other options, if you choose this one, a new window will popup. Find button stands for scanning the registry entries. After the work is done, press the Close Button and you will hark back to the main window.

Do not worry if you may delete by mistake a "live" entry because the software is equipped with the necessary tool for this kind of situations. The Undo option will allow the user to repair the blunder. The developer warns us about this and suggests keeping a backup of the registry. To reduce the risk of deleting entries we still need, the application provides a blacklist that practically tells EasyCleaner what to skip in the cleaning process. It is equivalent to the definition update in antivirus softwares.

The Startup option will enable the user to manage the programs starting with the operating system. This feature is useful as it will help you eliminate the unnecessary programs that you rarely use and slow down your computer.

Clearing the cookies and the Internet history is done fast and easy and you do not need to list the files. The Space Usage feature will give you a comprehensive look at the available and occupied disk space on different partitions of your HDD.

In the Options menu, the user can configure the software for each of the features displayed in the main window. Thus, in Duplicate files tab you can make settings so as the files should match the date and time, name, size and contents. In the Advanced section, you can tick the Confirm changes, Skip system backup folder or desktop .ini files and the empty files.

The delete method can be also changed from sending to Recycle Bin (default) to Permanent delete. In space usage, for a better view of the bite the files take of your hard disk, you can check the Color-coded legend and from then on, you will have a much better image of how much space a file takes from the entire partition.

The Undo option will let you repair your mistakes and restore the deletion to the registry. In Options, you can set the number of undoes (the default is ten).

The Good

The software does a good job and has great features. Cleaning your computer has now become an effortless process.

The WYSIWYG interface is definitely a plus. You will not get lost in a myriad options and menus. EasyCleaner keeps its promises and your computer will not be clogged with all kinds of dead shortcuts or files you no longer need.

The Undo feature is just great for beginners, although I must admit that I never had to use it because the software's blacklist kept important registries away from the danger of deletion.

The Bad

The Color legend in the Space usage options needs a little repairing as it is an important feature and it is a shame not to be able to distinguish the name of the file because of the color.

The Truth

Reliable and easy to use, EasyCleaner will bring your computer in tip-top condition. EasyCleaner has gained my trust and I am completely sure that it will not fail and bring my computer down. And should this happen, I can always use the undo option and restore my registry entries.

Although I have complete confidence in the software, I recommend backing up your registry, just in case.

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