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Backing up your data is an absolute must these days. Not that computers or hardware is unreliable, users are. To err is human and we are trying to be as human as possible on almost every given occasion. Keeping backups for the most important files allows us to work without the stress that making a mistake could cost us a fortune.

As there are more and more applications specially tailored to provide the peace of mind that our files can be reverted to their initial state (should we make a wrong change), backing up our files became an easy and cheap solution to protect our files from us or a from some computer disaster. And as Nero stated spreading its joy through more and more applications - each unique in its own way - it was just a matter of time until they included a file backup software in their now famous suite.

Nero BackItUp recently reached its third version. The tool is designed to provide efficient means for creating backups of your files. The environment supplied by the application is extremely friendly as the wizards will assist and guide you through every step of the operation.

Launching the application will show the Home Window, where all your backup jobs will be displayed the minute you create them. This window is of no interest the first time you run the software. Running on the left hand side of the application window there are the main options of the software: File Backup, Drive Backup, Restore, Jobs and Calendar.

If you do not want to backup some files right away, I suggest you skip directly to Jobs menu and schedule a backup to take place at a certain time and date. Otherwise, go with the traditional way and start with File Backup.

Wizards menu will display all the helpers of the application and the door to more options like creating a new backup job, or verifying a finished task for inconsistencies between the two sets of files (originals and those created by the program). No matter which way you go, it is 100% sure that you'll bump into a wizard. So the sure thing about this software is that you will not complete a task unassisted.

Nero BackItUp does not come with restrictions and besides creating spares for your files, you can also backup entire drives and even files/folders in the network. A simple file backup procedure starts with selecting the files or folders and once you click Start File Backup button a wizard will guide you through every step, until completion of the job.

The application can create full backups, incremental or differential ones and updates. The differences between the four types of jobs are quite something. A full backup will recreate all the files and folders of the job exactly how they are. Incremental will append only the changes made since the last backup job, while differential will keep all the files (both old versions and the new ones). Updating the backup is a bit tricky, as if you store it on the hard drive all the changes to the files will be overwritten and all the changes appended. But if stored on a CD/DVD it'll generate a new session with a new folder containing the latest files.

Since protecting files is the main purpose of the application, Nero has taken almost all measures in this sense. You can scan the files for viruses, encrypt them by using AES standard, and verify if the original and the copies are exactly the same (CRC check).

To give the user more comfort, the application can be configured to use Shadow Copy mode. This way you can work with the files while they are being backed up with absolutely no problem.

Restoring is the reverse of creating backups. Nero BackItUp can restore the files either on the original path, in a user-defined location or on an FTP selected path. The great thing is that you can also restore it by writing on a CD/DVD. All you have to do is select the drive and ready it with a blank disc. Inserting a written disc will not complete the job, and if it is a RW it will not be erased by default (you have to activate it from the Options>Expert Features menu).

The third major component of the application is Drive Backup. There is one thing you should know about this: it includes system files and settings and you can use it to restore your operating system to a previous state. Also, if you decide to write it to multiple discs the first one will always be bootable. On the downside, it is not possible to update a drive backup.

The Options menu is quite rich in settings. General tab lets you enable Nero Image Recorder as target and save the backup as an image, add a context menu command in Windows Explorer, ignore time differences upon comparing the files or set thread priority of the application during the backup process.

A very interesting feature is the possibility of creating multiple profiles with different settings for creating a backup. Thus, you can joggle with virus checking, encrypting and verify data after the job is complete for in each profile. File format filters are not a new option in Nero BackItUp, but MS-Office Documents and Word Documents filters are the newest addition to the program (just like AES encryption algorithm).

The program is flexible enough to allow editing file filters. It already comes with a set of preset extensions for images, Office and Word documents, but the user can add or eliminate them at will. The same is available with excluded files.

Expert Features tab comes with settings allowing you to enable CRC checksum for comparing the files, clearing archive bit after file backup, erase rewriteable disc automatically when necessary, use shadow copy for file backup (checked by default), enable scripting and intelligent compression (you get to name the file types that should automatically be compressed during the backup process).

If you have scheduled backup jobs, the application can send you emails regarding the completion of the process and the rate of success. You get to establish the events of which to be notified and the application will submit to your willing, no questions asked.

Nero BackItUp is as complete as can be. It is equipped with backup scheduling function, different types of backups and a great list of settings proves its flexibility. The interface is user friendly and the assisting wizards will make using it a walk in the park.

The Good

Great interface and options. You can create incremental, differential as well as full backups and schedule them to occur at a convenient time.

Burning the files to a CD/DVD is also supported and you can configure it to automatically erase an RW disc if it has data on it. More than this, the application can backup entire drives with all settings and data. This allows for a quick and painless restoration of the operating system.

The Bad

There aren't too many additions in this version. Besides the introduction of encryption algorithms (Classic and AES) and new file filters, there is little changed option-wise.

Nero BackItUp Scheduler service starts running without warning the user, even if you do not have any job on schedule.

The Truth

It is a reliable utility that moves fast in the process. There is little effort from the part of the user as everything is guided by the built-in wizards. However, there are little encryption algorithms to choose from and there is no protection against accidental deletion of the backups.

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