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Nero Express is probably the most used application in the Nero suite, after Nero StartSmart. The program is actually the boiled-down version of Nero Burning ROM. It has a different interface, easier to handle and provides support for the most popular jobs for CDs and DVDs. To make myself clear, anyone can handle it with absolutely no problem.

The moment you open the application four options are available, all for burning your discs. The options are structured on data burning, music burning, video/pictures writing to disc and image burning and disc copying.

You will not need a help file as each of the options comes with a brief description. This way, you will always know what this or that module does. As mentioned previously, Nero Express is just a fragment of Nero Burning ROM, because there are no advanced modules available (creating bootable discs or CD/DVD-ROM UDF/ISO) and only the popular tasks are available (create data CD/DVD, Audio CD, Audiobook CD, VCD, SVCD, DVD-Video, CD/DVD copying and burning NRG, ISO, CUE and IMG image files).

Additional options for configuring the application and access to collateral options are hidden in the side panel. From this new set of functions, you can choose to rip Audio CDs, erase a RW disc, or go straight to Nero CoverDesigner to create a disc label or booklet. Also, if you have multiple recorders installed on your computer, you should decide upon one to do the requested job.

If you are not satisfied with the list of options available in this application, at the top of the side panel there is a direct link to Nero Burning ROM. So no matter what kind of disc burning job you have in mind, Nero Express can handle it one way or another.

Options menu, as expected, is not as rich as Nero Burning ROM's is, but the main features are available, like Expert Features tab that allows you to enable overburning for both CDs and DVDs or revert the entire configuration to default settings. UltraBuffer is set by default to automatic configuration, but you are allowed to alter the setting and lower the maximum 80MB value to whatever suits you.

Although it may seem like Miscellaneous tab is identical to that in Burning ROM, there are some differences between the two. One of them is to be found in the "Compilation creation" set of options: in Express, the second setting allows you to enable prompting for printing or saving a detailed report after successful burning; while in Burning ROM, this is a default and the second setting lets you enable/disable prompting for image burning the moment you add a single image file to a compilation.

The second alteration is removing from Nero Express the option for allowing/restricting the possibility to change the finalization setting when burning an image file. The differences may seem trivial, but it is good to know that there are some distinctions between the two and that Nero Express should not be taken for granted.

Regarding Audio CD options, Nero Express can create the disc from MP3, AIF, AA, WMA, MP4, M4A, AAC, OGG and WAV audio formats. The wizard for creating Audio discs makes the process extremely easy. The options when adding your tracks include normalizing all files and inserting pause at the end of each track. Unfortunately, during our testing, "Play" option in the wizard did not do its job when it came down to OGG files.

But you can hear the song if you go into properties window, under Filters. Properties window allows editing the title and artist tags, splitting the file as well as analyzing it under the oscilloscope, or apply different audio filters to it. Filter list includes normalize, declick, hiss reduction, fade in/out, stereo widening, karaoke, echo and equalizer. All of them can be adjusted to fit your needs. And, more than that, you can test the effects on the spot.

Just like Burning ROM, the application can simulate disc writing and prompt you in case of trouble. Also, your computer can be set to be shutdown the moment the burn process finishes. Nero Express may not have too many options to configure, but using this tool makes successfully burning your data - be it audio files, videos or images - an easy and effortless process.

However, there are no major changes in what concerns the settings and all the modifications are purely aesthetic. Starting with the buttons and ending with the backgrounds for the different windows, everything looks different and better.

The Good

It is the easiest way to backup your files. The redesigned interface preserves the same easy handling and looks marvelous.

You can launch Nero Burning ROM for a wider range of options and CoverDesigner for creating a label, inlay or booklet for your discs.

Audio adjustments that can be made before creating an Audio CD are fantastic. You can add filters and tune them to your liking.

The Bad

OGG files are not played in the built-in audio player when added to the Audio CD list of files. There is no finalization option when it comes down to burning images.

The Truth

The only changes made to this new version of the application are cosmetic. There are no new settings or options. The same flexibility and ease of use have been preserved. The truth of the matter is that Nero Express is a very crippled Burning ROM when it comes down to options. But the access to its options is much easier and both beginners and expert have the same dexterity in maneuvering it.

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