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What is the biggest trouble with today's email accounts? I am talking about Yahoo, GMail or Hotmail. I am sure you appreciate the quickness of sending and receiving your messages. But when it comes to attachments, you will have to be careful as the limit of the attachment size will not let you upload on their servers videos more than a certain size.

The problem seems to be solved if you use a certain type of package. The one I am referring to is .pando. Many of you do not know too much about it and even more never heard of it. Using Pando (a very cute and easy to use email client) you will be able to send information to a mail address of up to 1GB in size. There is no longer a must to archive your files in order to send them as a single package.

Pando allows the user to upload multiple files at once without waiting forever to load them and a simple drag and drop into the interface will do it. The interface is joyful enough not to bore you with useless details and it looks just like a piece of web interface. The main window displays the sending and receiving options in which you will find the files that you have sent and the received ones.

Some users may be a little suspicious towards the security of the data as it has to be uploaded to Pando servers. You may think that it can be viewed by some persons, but Pando will also provide you with the means of locking the contents of the folders you send under a password. This way, it is enough to let the receiver know the assigned countersign and everything is safe from third parties access.

To be sure that the package will not be lost on the way to the receiver, Pando will ask you to provide an email address where to send copies of the files. This can be done in Options (top right hand corner of the application window). The software can be configured to start with Windows.

The upload during a transfer can be limited to a certain speed. This way, if you have to browse the Internet, keep in mind that slow transfer rates are due to your Internet connection. Additionally, the files you receive can be scanned by your default anti-virus program. The "Advanced connections settings" option provided in transfers allows users to set the port to be used for incoming connections and make the necessary proxy settings.

Pando proves to be highly organized and will not place the incoming packages wherever it wants on your computer. The default folder will be found in user's Documents and Settings Pando directory. Of course, the flexibility of the application allows changing the original path to one that the user feels comfortable with.

RSS are available and the users can employ this option in order to subscribe to RSS feeds that are using .pando packages and automatically download them when it is the case. Additionally, the software lets its users place certain files on their website or blog for all the readers to download, thus creating your own RSS feeds. If you think that creating a Pando RSS feed is a headache generating operation than you'd better read the online help file.

Immediately after sending a package to your mail, the application will automatically generate the necessary HTML code for you to paste it into your blog. Combine this with a free RSS hosting service and you've got yourself a bargain. However, the code will be generated only if you use the "Web/IM" tool. It can be found in the message sending window (check the box in the top right corner).

As Pando functions as an email box, together with your package you can also send messages to the receiver of the message. And if the user at the other end wishes to forward your package, Pando is also up to it.

The Good

Pando is easy to use and the size of the packages you can send is amazing. The fact that the application is free only adds to its value. Also, protecting your attachments with passwords is easy with Pando, as it provides a 256 encryption.

You can send emails to contacts in your Outlook Address Book (press the "To" button in message sending window). Pando is small and will do a great job with sending the packages.

Combine Pando with Yahoo! Messenger or Skype and take advantage of the true value of file sharing. The plugins are available on the developer's website

The Bad

Only 1GB of files can be transferred? Just kidding.

The Truth

If the application were not free to use, I would certainly buy it. The upload is fast and secure. An exact copy of the package will be sent to the default address you enter so that in case of erasing the files from your computer you will still have the file.

I truly hope the developer will not preserve the 1GB message sending limit too long.

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