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What can you do to make your PC run faster? One way to achieve this is by buying a new, more powerful computer, but you will find yourself in the same situation after a while. Now what? Buy a new one? I don't think this is the way to do it. Besides, the myriad of applications designed for tweaking the memory are doing quite a job in this sense and it would be a shame not to use them.

What are the steps towards achieving a computer performing as if it were almost new? First of all, you have to perform a defragmentation of the files on the hard disk, unlock the RAM retained by some of the processes and free up the disk space. I know it sounds quite a trouble, but the specially designed applications will do it all.

SpeedItUp Free is a no charge solution for optimizing your entire PC in order to make it run faster and become more reliable. The software will optimize your copy of Windows, your hard disks and boost up the available RAM. The utility is extremely easy to use and there are no complicated tasks to attend. If you follow the instructions scattered all around the application there should be absolutely no trouble.

The interface is nice and friendly-looking. The options available are arranged horizontally in the lower part of the window while the upper half displays information regarding the state of your system. The software displays the total amount of RAM installed, the currently free space, the total virtual RAM that can be used and Windows Up Time (shows for how long Windows has been working). Additionally, the application will display a visual representation of the free RAM on your computer and will also give the percentage.

The options available in the software are not numerous, but they will visibly boost your PC's performance. Speed It Up tab is similar to the One Click optimization choice in other computer performance boosting softwares. It includes Windows Optimization, RAM Booster and Hard Disk SpeedUp. Careful with this option as the developer warns against using it more often than once an hour.

The user can choose only some of the options presented in this tab and the most likely choice is to leave only RAM Booster enabled as it frees up the locked RAM. Contrary to one's expectations, the effect is not immediate and the system needs a few seconds to adjust to the new resources available.

At the bottom of the window, the software gives you some information regarding the last time the Speed Up has been performed. The information is not comprehensive enough as there are no details regarding the optimization degree of the computer. All there is presented is the date and time of the last optimization.

Improving the hard disk response can be performed outside the aforementioned honing of the system. For bettering the hard disk performance all you have to do is go to the next tab and hit "Speedup HardDisk Now" button. SpeedItUp Free will take care of all the aspects concerning the improvement of the HDD response.

Your hard disk will pass through six stages in order to make it more responsive. The first step is a brief analysis of the disk. Next follows a space cleanup in order to get rid of junk files (don't worry, none of your files will be eliminated). Step number three will check the MFT zone (Master File Table - all information about a file, including its size, time and date stamps, permissions, and data content is either stored in MFT entries or in space external to the MFT but described by the MFT entries).

During hard disk optimization, the application will also check upon the existent directories so that there will not be any messing up. All the files on the selected drive will then be defragmented and the entire partition will benefit from an overall optimization. In a couple of seconds you will feel the benefits of the program's actions.

As soon as the hard disk optimization is complete a strange message prompts you to choose between protecting your privacy or not. Clicking "Yes" will open another application called No Trace. This comes with SpeedItUp Free although there is absolutely no hint to this. Unlike the free optimization tool, No Trace is not with a blank price tag and from what I saw it costs quite some money.

Its role is to delete the traces you leave behind your work on the computer. It also features a very interesting option that will enable you to view the hidden cache photos. No Trace lets you delete Windows and Internet Explorer temporaries (Recycle Bin and cookies included) from your computer.

But, however good No Trace is, it puts SpeedItUp and the publishing company in a bad light as the user is not informed about all the elements installing on the computer. No Trace installs silently on your computer leaving you no possibility of removing it.

The Good

SpeedItUp does quite a good job in optimizing the PC. The few options available contribute to the well performing of your machine and the result is visible.

There is no hassle in handling the program and the process is smooth and fast leaving a quick running computer behind.

The application can be configured to start with Windows and to speed up the computer when the system is not busy.

The Bad

A more comprehensive help file and with fewer spelling mistakes would add to its value. Also, I think average users should be allowed to understand better the hard disk optimization process.

The software cannot be set to free up a certain amount of memory. This is not really a baddie, but some users would feel better with this possibility.

The user should know that additional software is installed on the computer and be given the choice to decline this.

The Truth

The application does a very good job; unfortunately, it also installs additional software without asking for the user's agreement. If you want to preserve only the optimization software on your computer, simply delete No Trace folder in the installation directory of the application immediately after installation is complete.

Here are some snapshots of the application in action:

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