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There is an incredible amount of software solutions to choose from if you want to batch convert a bunch of images. However, some applications offer more options than just convert the pictures to a different format.

Such is the case of Tinuous, a nifty program that adds an impressive set of supplementary features apart from those serving its purpose. It is free of charge and can be installed in seconds, without having to think about it pushing unnecessary third-party software on the system.

Furthermore, if you want to avoid the installation procedure, you can get the archived version of the application. In this case, all you have to do is to extract the files and the executable file available in the Tinuous folder.

The developer created a simple interface that focuses on listing the options and the functionality of the program instead of looks. Everything is available in a single window, under several tabs.

The main screen also includes a file browser for loading up files or selecting the output location. On the other hand, Tinuous supports drag and drop for an easier way to add the data.

As far as the conversion goes, the program can work with BMP, PNG, JPEG, TIFF and GIF, which are the most popular image types at the moment.

In the first tab, “General,” you can choose the input/output format, make a few rename settings or define the compression level on a scale from 0-9. Furthermore, Tinuous can also shrink the images and maintain the aspect ratio, rotate them to left/right by 90 degrees or enable edge sharpening at a specific level.

Depending on the output format, there are some configurable settings present. These allow defining the compression level in the case of PNGs or the quality and sampling ratio for JPEGs.

All the settings you make in this panel can be saved to a profile, in order to use them at a later time. However, the application can save a number of only five profiles, which, on the other hand, should be enough for the average user.

Rename options available here are less flexible than one might need as there aren’t any predefined expressions that could help you create a more specific name for the file. Instead, Tinuous allows you to modify the first and end strings. Also, there is the option to add a sequence number.

Tinuous also brings to the table a batch of advanced options that allow you to make minor corrections to the images. The options at hand include fiddling with brightness, contrast, saturation and hue levels.

When all adjustments have been made, you can use the preview function to check the results. The application also provides an auto-correct function.

Depending on the output format, there is the possibility to enable interlace or progressive rendering or copy EXIF data. Moreover, you can add a comment of your own in some cases, enable dithering or save the transparent color.

The application can be configured as far as the input and output locations are concerned. The fields for these can either be left blank or you can set the app to remember the last choice. There is also the choice to set two default locations for the job.

The last tab of the application window is reserved to plug-ins. However, this part of the program is unclear as the documentation is not in English and we could not find the right plug-ins to load.

Working with Tinuous is not difficult, but it is obvious that it has been built mainly for converting images to a different format. However, it comes with additional functionality, which may save some users plenty of time when looking to batch process images.

All modifications you make in the application can be previewed, but the program takes its time to display the image and during our tests it even became unresponsive for a little while.

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The Good

You do not need to install the application. Carrying out a conversion job is nothing complicated. There is also the possibility to make adjustments as far as brightness, contrast, saturation and hue levels are concerned; preview function is included in the program.

The Bad

There is no documentation in English, which makes it difficult for a beginner user to work with all the features of the application. In some cases, even a more knowledgeable user might have trouble with some of the available functions.

The Truth

For many users, Tinuous may not be much more than a simple tool for converting images from one format to another. But it does add something on the side, although not all the features are fully developed and in some cases you only get the minimum to work with basic options.
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