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The name of the application says it all: Video To Video Converter. It is designed to cover a wide range of video formats and offer and easy way to convert between them. Besides its abilities to turn a clip from one format to another it can also ready them for various portable devices without you tinkering with the settings.

For a popular handheld device lack of video support is both uncommon and unacceptable. MP4 is widely accepted (iPod, iPad, iPhone, PSP), but other file types are also in the game (3GP). Resolution is the one variable that generally makes the difference when preparing a video for a certain device.

Video To Video Converter installs easily and with no glitch. The price for using the app to the fullest is $29, but you can test its capabilities unhindered for as long as you want if the watermark on the output result does not put you off your stroke. However, in our case, even if the application was registered with a valid license the resulting videos still showed application’s watermark every 10 or so seconds.

The interface is fitted only with the essential options and finds no place for bells and whistles. You will find all the app can offer either in the menu bar or in the toolbar. For a hint at what the application can do for you, check out the File menu.

It holds all the key features of the application: split videos, join them or converting to a format of your choice. There is no support for drag and drop, but multiple files can be added quite easily through the specially conceived menu which also allows you to set up the details for all the items at once.

If you’d rather go with different settings for each video file Video To Video Converter offers this possibility through the context menu of the item in the list. Access “Task Properties” and you’ll have the chance to modify everything, from the format of the resulting file, source file or storage path for the output to quality level.

Additionally, more experienced users can customize audio and video settings by scaling the resolution to new values, modifying the frame rate or sample rate. On the downside, you will not be able to enter your own values and are forced to choose between presets. Although the predefined values are sufficient, for 29 bucks it would be nice to have the option of direct user input.

The list of formats supported is quite impressive and covers both video as well as audio types, which means that Video To Video Converter can be used to lose the image and preserve only the sound track. For video the app can handle AVI, MPEG, ASF, 3GP, FLV, MOV, MP4, RMVB, SWF, VCD, WMV, while audio formats include MP3, WAV and OGG.

Video To Video Converter is prepared to give you an easy way to ready your videos for various portable devices, such as iPod, iPhone, PSP, Blackberry, iPad or Zen. When choosing these the resolution is already set to fit the specification of the handheld.

During our testing the application completed the conversions just fine with what it brought, but if you are opting for a fancier file type, like RMVB, and don’t have the codec installed, Video To Video Converter lends a hand by giving you the download link to K-Lite Codec Pack, QuickTime Player or Real Alternative. Installing these should guarantee no trouble with the conversion job.

During our tests Video To Video Converter did a good job and spared system resources, requiring about 50% of the CPU and around 30MB of RAM. Completion of the tasks is announced by a sound as well as marked in the items list by a green check (the file currently processed is marked by a green arrow).

Joining files is no tough job for the application and requires little effort from the user. The beautiful part is that you can select to glue up different file types and have the output result converted to a format of your choice. As this is no regular conversion process it will take a while longer for the task to complete (in our case a 2’45’’ AVi and a 4’31’’ MP4 were joined in approximately 11 minutes).

Splitting a video, on the other hand, is a slightly more complicated task. The options in this screen permit you to select the start and end times for the trim, or you can opt for automatic slashing of the file into portions equal in duration; you just provide the number of clips you want to result from the process or the duration each clip should have.

Unfortunately there is no preview window available in the application, so there is no accuracy of the trimming at all. Knowing beforehand what the result would look like would save a lot of time and effort.

The Good

Video To Video Converter offers a fresh set of video splitting options. It can weld videos of different formats into a single file type.

The application allows you to extract the audio of a video file and save it as MP3, WAV or OGG. Also, you can modify the settings at any time you want before starting the conversion process.

The Bad

The price and the lack of options to justify it are major drawbacks for the application. There is no preview option regardless, drag and drop is not supported and you cannot rearrange the items in the list so that the conversion process deals with the files in the order you want.

The application does not offer an accurate way to select the start and end time when trimming down a video.

The Truth

Video To Video Converter is easy to use, and comes with the right amount of presets for any user to adapt video files for portable devices with no effort at all.

However, it comes with plenty of pitfalls, price being chief among them. Some of the options unavailable in this program are standard for some freeware.

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