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Sending files to multiple recipients is no new concept. You can do this via email with no problem. But Zeta Uploader goes past the regular attachment size limitations and offers the advantage of delivering data of up to 500MB to more than one receiver, which is far more than what webmail currently offers.

Sharing is not the buzzword of the year, but it definitely is (and will be) the most popular activity on the web. Sending data to your friends gets easier through various services popping at an amazing rate. However, delivering large files, way above the limitations of an email attachment, has been tackled mainly by online storage services.

Zeta Uploader is free of charge and the desktop client installs quickly, with no fuss. By default the interface is contracted to only the simplest and most necessary options: pick the data you want to send, punch in the recipient(s) email addresses together with the message you want delivered; but you can expand it to more settings.

The principle it functions by is simple enough for anyone to understand. You pick the files or folders that need to be delivered; these are first archived and then uploaded to their servers, while the recipient gets a download link. The download address is randomly generated, so there is little chance for someone to guess it.

When you expand the layout you will have access to a pretty interesting bunch of options. All the data sent through Zeta Uploader is saved on their servers for a maximum period of 30 days. If you want a shorter life for them you can specify it from the extended list of features. The possibilities are 10, 20 or 30 days.

If limited download time is not what you want there is always the option to limit the number of downloads. Just like in the case of time limited access, the application shows lack of flexibility in this case as well, because of the preset values you have to pick from.

The ultimate protective measure for your data is securing it with a password. What is best about this is that the restriction is applied for the download itself and not for opening the package. Unless you provide the correct countersign you will not have access to the package.

In the case of protected digital parcels the receiver will get in the email the download link, the message from the sender and the unlocking password. Also included in the message is the expiration date of the file, but no word about the curfew on the number of downloads (if such limitation is imposed).

Although very simple, the application does not lack configuration options. The “Settings” panel is split into two sections, one related to the program itself and one related to the account. These will give you the possibility to define the time interval for checking for updates, enable the display of a confirmation box after upload completes or set a reply-to address.

Moreover, Zeta Uploader lets you punch in a specific name to be associated with the free account address created automatically the moment you start using the software. This can be different from the public user name and the public visible name. And to make the email message complete, you are allowed to attach a signature at the end.

The most time consuming part of the entire process is, as otherwise expected, the uploading. Compression takes very little, but sending the data on the server depends on your bandwidth. The only hints at the status of the activity are the progress bar and the completion percentage. It would have been nice to have a gander at the upload speed.

The desktop client does not offer any details on the history of the items sent; but the reason for this is that this sort of information is available by accessing the online account. You do not need to sign in to anything, just access the option from the “Options” drop down button of the interface.

Details offered online include overview of the transfers as well as a more specific view for each of them. This means that you’ll be able to learn about the recipients of the data and the message sent along. Moreover, number of downloads is recorded together with the date and time of the uploading.

The Good

There is no need to sign up for an account. The application creates it automatically as soon as you start using it. It is a simple way to transmit data to multiple recipients without worrying about the attachment limitations imposed by webmail services.

You get to decide on the longevity of the files stored on their servers. All downloads can be protected by a password.

The Bad

The preset values for the expiration of the data are not flexible. Upload speed should be revealed to the user. Details about upload tasks should be available in the desktop client.

The Truth

Zeta Uploader puts at your disposal the possibility to send attachments as large as 500MB, with minimum effort from your part. But its simplicity allows for plenty of improvements, like a custom subject line.

Bottom line is that it is extremely useful if you require sending files or folders larger than the attachment limits of your inbox.

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