A 16GB Surface Tablet Would Have Less Than 1 GB of Free Space

Such a model won’t make much sense since the OS takes up most of the space

Microsoft released yesterday a Surface storage FAQ, revealing that the 32 GB version of the tablet barely has 16 GB of free storage space.

The reason is pretty simple: Windows RT, Office and the other apps eat up almost half of the available space on the cheapest Surface, so users would only get 16 GB.

Truth is, you can always connect an SD card or an external storage device using the USB port, but 16 GB are simply not enough for the average user.

Although cheaper, a 16 GB Surface model would make no sense since the operating system takes so much space, so Microsoft’s decision to start the product range with a 32 GB version isn’t so surprising after all.

But what’s really surprising is a statement released by Ricardo Lopez, test manager for Surface RT, on Reddit. “After the OS, OfficeRT and a bunch of apps, you will still have more than 20GB,” he said, although the official Microsoft documentation proves that this isn’t true.

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