A Video to Remember: Former Windows Boss Shocked on Stage as the Surface Crashes

Steven Sinofsky is no longer head of the Microsoft Windows division

Steven Sinofsky was often considered the next Microsoft CEO, mostly because he’s one of the main executives that managed to get the company back on its feet after the Vista disaster.

Sinofsky stepped on the stage several times to hold speeches that, in the end, amazed the audience. But he’ll never forget the first Microsoft Surface appearance in front of the public.

It was the first Microsoft tablet ever released and, sadly for Sinofsky, it crashed right on the stage.

Pause, swallow, deep breath, swallow again, press the Windows button several times, pause, swallow and finally, a disappointing “Oh!” that reminds us of Bill Gates.

He was Steven Sinofsky, the man who has always been shockingly calm and didn’t need to rehearse. He was the exec who brought us Windows 8 and the one who may return as Microsoft CEO.

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