Adobe Acrobat 11.0.1 Released

It introduces automatic silent updates, adds support for Office 2013

Adobe rolled out a maintenance update for their Acrobat product. This is a planned release that integrates security fixes, feature enhancements and overall repairs.

The developer introduced a fully automatic update mode on Windows. Users are prompted to opt for this feature at the first launch of the new version of the product and thus ensure that all subsequent updates are installed automatically in the background as soon as they become available.

This revision also introduces support for the latest Office suite (2013) from Microsoft for Acrobat PDFMaker.

Additional improvements in this release touch on OCR support, logging and error reporting and the color picker (has been replaced by the default solution in the operating system, which offers RGB Sliders, CMYK Sliders, and HSB Sliders in the Color Sliders section).

Although the installation screens report an update to version 11.0.01, the About section of the program shows 11.0.1 as the latest release. A new version for Adobe Reader is also available and the version confusion is valid in this case as well.

Download Adobe Acrobat for Windows or Mac.

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