Adobe Flash Player 11.7 Stable Available for Download

It focuses on improving sandboxing feature, eliminates high-priority issues

Adobe rolled out the stable build for Flash Player 11.7, which brings to the table improvements to the sandboxing feature.

The developer addressed several issues and applied some enhancements to the Protected Mode under Mozilla Firefox; these are designed to increase both security and stability.

As far as repairs go, the copy keyboard command (Ctrl+C) should no longer fail in Chrome browser. Of a higher priority was an issue that caused a crash when unloading an SWF file that uses an audio stream through URL Loader.

Another crash bug eliminated in this revision (11.7.700.169) was triggered by the attempt to embed a Flash project into Microsoft Word program.

Also fixed is a glitch preventing images to be rendered correctly in Flash application under Mozilla Firefox; the issue would occur only on some versions of Windows operating system.

Adobe rolled out a new beta today (11.7.700.178), which will be delivered automatically to users that have activated the background update mechanism.

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