Adobe Flash Player Now Available for Download

A new version of the app is now offered to users on Windows and Mac OS X

Adobe Flash Player has received a new pack of improvements today, so in case you’re one of the several millions users out there already running it, this is the right time to update.

There are no details regarding the new features that Adobe Flash Player could bring to users, but it’s most likely just a service release supposed to fix bugs and security flaws that have been reported in previous builds.

Of course, since today is Patch Tuesday, it’s only natural to expect this new build to be focused on security improvements, so it’s critical for all users to update as soon as possible.

Internet Explorer 10 and 11 users will get the new Flash Player version as part of the Patch Tuesday rollout via Windows Update, which is scheduled to begin later today when Microsoft also starts shipping the other five security bulletins supposed to address vulnerabilities in Windows and Silverlight.

Of course, everyone else can download Adobe Flash Player manually right now, regardless of the browser they are using. The new version is part of the stable development channel, so no major bugs or performance issues are expected to be experienced by those who decide to deploy it.

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