Adobe Photoshop Receives Update on Windows 8 – Free Download

Several improvements are now being delivered to Windows 8 and RT users

Adobe Photoshop Express has received a brand new update on Windows 8 workstations, so users who have previously installed it are now recommended to launch the Store and get the new version.

According to the official release notes that are already published in the Store, Adobe Photoshop Express now packs support for importing PNG files, so working with this particular format is also possible after you update the app.

At the same time, the new build brings bug fixes addressing options such as file saving and uploading to SkyDrive, which means that the overall performance of the app should be significantly improved.

Of course, it remains a demo app on all Windows 8 builds on the market, so you can install it free of charge on both the desktop and the tablet versions of Microsoft’s new OS, while more tools are available for an extra charge.

Download Adobe Photoshop Express for Windows 8/RT from Softpedia

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