Amazing Kinect NUI Experiences Video

Microsoft will open up the Kinect for Windows SDK for commercial use next year

Microsoft says that just as the world is asking what it will do with Kinect next, it’s in fact asking the world the same thing.

The video embedded at the top of this article was released at the same time with the Redmond company announcing that it plans to provide a new Kinect for Windows SDK designed to support commercial projects in early 2012.

“In one year, Kinect has changed how we think about so many things and truly fueled the discussions around natural user interfaces,” revealed Steve Clayton – Editor Microsoft.

“It’s an example of what’s possible when you combine a willingness to dream of making the impossible possible, with long term, basic research. With a ringside seat inside of Microsoft, the last year has been epic to watch. The next year promises even more.”

Kinect for Windows SDK Beta Refresh is available for download here.

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