Another Report Confirms the Lack of Interest in Windows 8

The new OS hasn’t managed to boost PC sales in Q4 2012

Many believe that Windows 8 is an operating system that’s yet to excite, but without any official sales figures, nobody actually knows for sure whether it’s a successful product or not.

Research firm Gartner revealed that PC sales in Western Europe dropped 11.7 percent in Q4 2012, with Windows 8 having almost no impact on shipments.

Of course, most analysts expected Windows 8 to boost sales of the hardware industry, but the lack of interest in the new software doesn’t help the PC sector post a significant recovery.

Principal research analyst at Gartner Ranjit Atwal told V3 that people are mostly interested in tablets these days, so Windows 8 is only recording good sales in the enterprise market.

“Consumers are not interested in PCs – Windows 8 or otherwise, while professional users are still migrating to Windows 7,” he said.

Microsoft, on the other hand, continues to praise its new operating system, claiming that the 60 million sold copies are in line with those recorded by Windows 7 more than three years ago.

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