AnyDVD 7.1.3 Available for Download

Features an updated set of decryption keys, for Blu-ray

The fresh revision for AnyDVD (version 7.1.3) includes a couple of new features relating to Blu-ray decryption as well as modifications designed to improve overall functionality and the stability of the application.

The developer has updated the decryption keys for Blu-ray discs and added support for Java-based playback problems.

On the DVD support side, the novelty consists in the fact that new copy protections are supported.

With previous versions of the program, some users have experienced crashes with certain BD+ discs. The developer announced in the changelog that these problems should no longer occur.

Further modifications available in AnyDVD 7.1.3 include a number of unspecified fixes and improvements and an updated language set.

You can find a full list of changes on this page. AnyDVD is available for download here.

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