Avant Browser 2012 Build 189 Released

It addresses issue with losing page focus after using Refresh, Back, Forward buttons

The latest revision for Avant Browser brings to the table a skimpy list of modifications. Actually, the change log contains a single entry that announces a fix related to the page focus problem that appeared occasionally.

Starting this build, the web browser pages should no longer lose focus after pressing Refresh, Back, Forward button. However, a short list of changes in a new build does not mean that the application is overly stable, since a couple of users have applauded the nifty pack of features available, but expressed their desire for a more stable browser.

Avant Browser bundles in three rendering engines (Trident, Gecko and Webkit, the engines behind Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome) in order to provide the ultimate browsing experience.

You can view the release log on this page. Download Avant Browser from here; also available in portable form.

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