Avant Browser Adds Support for IE 10’s Rendering Engine

It repairs problem with Side Panel not opening, eliminates crash bug

The latest revision for Avant Browser includes support for the new version of the rendering engine available in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 10, Trident; it features increased support for CSS3 and HTML5 standard.

Apart from this, the developer updated the Firefox and Webkit engines, to versions 17 and 23, respectively.

Also new in this release of the triple-engine browser are the descriptions for “firefox.exe” and “chrome.exe” processes under Windows Task Manager.

As far as the repairs are concerned, in build 190 of Avant Browser, the Side Panel should no longer be reason for trouble by refusing to open up. Furthermore, the application would crash upon exit when the toolbars were arranged in a specific position.

You can view the release log on this page. Download Avant Browser from here; also available in portable form.

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