BatteryCare Released

New internal core engine available, memory optimization

By on March 5th, 2012 10:09 GMT

The latest version for BatteryCare brings to the table improvements and fixes designed to improve its performance. First thing on the change list is a new internal core engine, which should be a game changer for the application.

BatteryCare also features memory optimization, which translates into a faster and more stable platform.

Fixes available in this revision refer to long-term execution issues, such as icon disappearing or random errors popping up after a few days.

Intel TJunction file has been updated and the app now supports all Intel Core/Atom/i (1st and 2nd gen) series CPUs. Some bugs affecting CPU and HDD temperature reading have also been eliminated.

BatteryCare is a resonant name among laptop users that need a more evolved solution to monitor and optimize battery usage of the device.

Download BatteryCare from here