Bill Gates Claims “Windows 8 Has Done Well”

The Microsoft co-founder once again states that he wants to focus on his charity work

Even though so many people are blasting Windows 8, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said in an interview with CNBC that Windows 8 “has done well,” while also adding that he didn’t want to return to the company in a full-time position.

Gates explained that he wanted to continue his charity work across the globe and let the current management of the company take care of Windows, Office and Surface projects.

“I’m engaged as chairman on a part-time basis. But my full-time work for the rest of my life will be the foundation work. Microsoft's got a lot of exciting things going on. It’s a competitive field. Windows 8 has done well. Surface computer is doing well. So, you know, I share lots of ideas about where office should go and, you know, I think the field as a whole should be proud of how quickly it's moving and Microsoft will lead in a lot of those areas,” Gates said.

And still, no clear figures regarding Windows 8’s sales performance, except for the 60 million copies Microsoft said it had delivered in two months after launch.

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