Bill Gates, Investors to Inject $2 Billion (€1.5 Billion) in Orascom Construction Bloomberg

Microsoft’s co-founder is one of the newest OCIC investors

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and a group of investors will inject more than $2 billion (€1.5 billion) in Orascom Construction Industries (OCIC), a Cairo-based builder and fertilizers maker.

Bloomberg writes that OCIC currently has a market value of no less than 55.8 billion Egyptian pounds, which represents approximately $8.5 billion (€6.3 billion). The company is headed by Nassef Sawiris, an Egyptian billionaire and businessman. He is currently the 199th richest person in the world.

Bill Gates currently owns 20 percent of the Redmond-based technology titan Microsoft, but that was enough to bring back $7 billion (€5.3 billion) in 2012.

Gates continues to invest more money into companies around the world, including tractor manufacturer Deere & Co., Coca Cola, Auto Nation and Cascade Investment, a company wholly owned by the Microsoft co-founder.

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