Bill Gates for President: No, Not Possible, Microsoft’s Chairman Says

Gates says he isn’t interested in any other role right now

Microsoft’s chairman Bill Gates is not interested in making a switch to a political career and instead he prefers to focus on his charity work and his foundation.

Speaking at the Abu Dhabi Media Summit on Tuesday, Bill Gates said he isn’t interested in running for president, but he however offered to give advice to the US president in the near future.

“It is a very nice [role] I have right now. I'll give advice to the president just like I do to Microsoft,” Gates said according to Hollywood Reporter.

What’s more, Gates also emphasized that he’s not planning to go back to Microsoft as a company CEO, confirming that he’s very pleased with his current role at the Redmond-based technology firm.

This doesn’t mean that he’s not keeping an eye on Microsoft’s products though.

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