Bing Maps Discloses Secret US Drone Base in Saudi Arabia

Microsoft’s satellite imagery shows one more US airfield base

Bing Maps may not be as popular as Google Maps, but the service can be used to discover some pretty interesting things throughout the globe.

Now it appears that Bing Maps’ satellite imagery is showing what seems to be a secret US drone base in Saudi Arabia, somewhere at the Eastern border with the state of Yemen.

Just as Gizmodo writes, one can tell that those three hangars are large enough to hide the well-known US Predator and Reaper drones.

Surprisingly, Google Maps doesn’t show such a military base in the region and satellite imagery collected in 2010 reveals nothing than a plain field.

What’s more, it seems that the drone base can be hardly spotted when browsing the image with the standard zooming level and the only way to notice the three hangars is to zoom in several times.

A report by Wired and citing an unnamed US officer confirms that this is indeed an American military base that holds drones supposed to fly into Yemen whenever it’s necessary.

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