Bing’s Weird Search Suggestions: Mitt Romney Is a Unicorn

Microsoft’s search engine returns some of the most unusual search suggestions

We’ve already told you that Microsoft’s very own Bing isn’t quite the best search engine on the Internet when it comes to search suggestions (and Steve Ballmer knows it very well), but here’s another proof that clearly supports this statement.

Since the US presidential debate is one of the trending subjects these days, we were curious to find out Bing’s search suggestions for a regular “Mitt Romney is” query.

Well, if you do this on Bing, you will find out that Mitt Romney is a unicorn without even hitting the “Enter” key.

Bing releases a list of pretty funny suggestions, even claiming that Mitt Romney is a Mexican.

OK, we do know that these search suggestions are closely related to the indexed websites and the other similar search queries, but this fiasco must come to an end somehow, especially if Microsoft wants to attract more Google users.

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