Businesses Will Also Dump Windows XP for Windows 8 – Microsoft

Microsoft wants to move Windows XP users to Windows 8

Microsoft will launch the new Windows 8 next month and it hopes that all Windows XP users will make the move to the new operating system soon after that.

Businesses will also dump Windows XP in Windows 8's favor, especially because the new OS has been specifically developed to cope with their needs.

Peter Han, vice president, Microsoft U.S. OEM Division, said at Tech Data Channel Link that Windows 8 Pro is the best solution for all small businesses, as it bundles a great feature package.

According to, Han revealed that no less than 50 percent of all commercial businesses in the United States still use Windows XP, so encouraging them to adopt Windows 8 is a priority.

“We are primed; there is a huge base of devices that are waiting to be refreshed,” he said.

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