Change the Position of the Windows Start Button

Move the Microsoft orb in the middle of the taskbar

The default position for Windows Start button has always been in the lower left hand corner of the desktop, but it was never nailed into that position, as you can change the taskbar location to any of the four edges of the desktop.

However, using Start Orb Mover you can shift the Start Menu to the opposite side of its regular position in the taskbar (right or bottom). Another location for the orb can be smack in the middle of the taskbar.

Reverting to the original location is just a matter of turning off the application, which can be done from the context menu of the orb.

We recommend you to check the “Read First” document before starting using Start Orb Mover since the app still has some flaws that have to be dealt with, as we witnessed ourselves; when in doubt, kill “StartOrbMover.exe” in Task Manager and restart “explorer.exe”.

Download Start Orb Mover from here

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